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Ajhar Khalape: A coach with a vision to empower India's future athletes

Discover the inspiring journey of Ajhar Khalape, a young athletics coach who defied the odds to nurture future champions, emphasizing friendship, hard work, and dedication in his coaching philosophy. From humble beginnings to international certifications, he aims to empower India's aspiring athletes and bring glory to the nation.

Ajhar Khalape: A coach with a vision to empower Indias future athletes

Ajhar Khalape: A coach with a vision to empower India's future athletes


Meeth Agrawal

Updated: 16 Oct 2023 7:26 AM GMT

When destiny intervenes in our lives, it often leads us on remarkable journeys we never anticipated. Such is the story of Ajhar Khalape, an aspiring athletics coach with a profound love for the sport. In his own words, "When I was in the 7th grade, my journey in athletics began unexpectedly, all thanks to my school teacher who saw something in me and entrusted me with the opportunity to represent my school in sports."

This marked the beginning of his lifelong passion for athletics.

While he humbly refrains from boasting about his own athletic achievements, it was this initial opportunity that ignited the spark in Ajhar. From that point forward, he dedicated himself to the rigorous practice and study of athletics. What drives him now is the aspiration to become an athletic coach and help others discover their full potential in the world of sports.

Ajhar's journey as a coach began at the tender age of 19, and he faced considerable challenges. His youth led many to question his abilities, but he chose to ignore the naysayers and used their doubts as motivation. Instead of being deterred by criticism, he let it fuel his determination to become a successful coach. He understood that success is a gradual process, and his resilience in the face of skepticism became a driving force on his path to becoming the coach he aspired to be.

Under Ajhar's guidance, his motto "Can't Stop Won't Stop" became the driving force for a remarkable group of young athletes. Notably, six of his athletes, who are the same age as him, clinched medals in the national championships organized by AFI.

At the core of Ajhar's coaching philosophy is the creation of a strong and supportive bond between athletes and himself, akin to a friendship. He believes that when athletes perceive their coach as a friend, they feel comfortable sharing even the minutest of concerns and hurdles. This open dialogue enables them to collectively address issues, set goals, and make progress. In his coaching, he prioritizes the mental well-being and readiness of his athletes, ensuring they are prepared not only physically but also mentally.

In his approach to motivating and mentoring young athletes, Ajhar emphasizes the significance of consistency, patience, and unwavering hard work. He firmly believes that to see the Indian flag rise at international events, it's vital to instill these values. The "Alsace formula," as he calls it, is all about consistency, patience, and hard work. By instilling these qualities, he aims to empower his athletes to not only achieve their dreams but also secure those coveted medals on the international stage.

Ajhar is not only a dedicated coach but also a lifelong learner. His achievements include being one of the youngest internationally certified athletics coaches in India. He has completed all three phases of the Mentorship program, specialized in sprints and hurdles through training at Altis World in the USA, and gained expertise in kinesiology taping through ISST Delhi. He's also completed a body mechanism analysis program from USA Track and Field and holds certification from an academy with a rich history of producing Olympic champions.

Looking ahead, Ajhar's ambitions as a coach are deeply rooted in making a difference in the lives of aspiring athletes. His primary goal is to establish an academy that exclusively caters to talented individuals who may lack the necessary resources to pursue their dreams. He envisions providing unwavering support to these athletes, ensuring they have the opportunity to reach their goals.

A significant dream of Ajhar's is to venture into small villages, searching for hidden talents among the youth. By extending his coaching and support to these underprivileged areas, he hopes to unearth and nurture the champions of tomorrow, contributing to the growth and success of Indian athletics.

His heartfelt gratitude extends to those who have been instrumental in creating an environment conducive to the development of athletes at the Shree Vithalrao Joshi Charities Trust Sports Academy. He acknowledges the exceptional work of Kaka Maharaj and Vikas Walawalkar, who played pivotal roles in the creation of the expansive synthetic track and international training facility at the academy. To Ajhar, this state-of-the-art facility feels like a divine blessing, a place where dreams are nurtured and champions are forged.

In his journey as a coach, Ajhar Khalape draws inspiration and motivation from Mr. Shreekant Paradkar, the Managing Director of Sports. He not only possesses a remarkable personality but also continually inspires and uplifts Ajhar's athletes. Ajhar can't express his gratitude enough for the encouragement and guidance he provides.

It's through the collective efforts of these individuals, along with Ajhar's dedication and unwavering belief, that the future of Indian athletics is being shaped. Ajhar Khalape's journey as a coach is one that's driven by a deep passion for the sport and a belief in the potential of his athletes and the future of Indian athletics.

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