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Ajhar Khalpe: Igniting dreams as India's youngest athletics coach

Armed with an international certification, Anwar now guides aspirants.

Ajhar Khalpe: Igniting dreams as Indias youngest athletics coach

At 24, Ajhar is India's youngest ever internationally certified athletics coach. (File photo)


Arjun Mylvahanan

Updated: 28 Jun 2024 6:52 AM GMT

When it comes to sports, the limelight is often on the athletes, and for good reason. They are the ones who soak in the pressure, control their nerves and bring laurels for country.

While it is true that athletes deserve the highest of praises, it is also important to acknowledge their silent guardians, the watchful heroes standing on the sidelines and guiding these stars.

One such coach who has taken huge strides in the world of athletics is Ajhar Anwar Khalpe. At just 24-years of age, he is already making a difference in the Indian athletics arena.

Having taken to coaching as a teenager, Anwar is now India's youngest ever internationally certified athletics coach, having obtained a certification from the renowned Atlis World Institute in the USA.

Wings of fire

Hailing from Sangli district in Maharastra, Anwar has always been fascinated by athletics. The aura of the track and field pulled him in right from a young age and soon enough, fascination turned into a passion and obsession.

When he began coaching at just 19, criticism came thick and fast. But that did not stop Anwar.

He marched on and now holds the international coaching certification from the acclaimed Atlis World Institute, USA.

With 56 Olympic medals to its name, the institute is the ivy-league equivalent in the world of athletics. Getting certified by such a renowned institute at a tender age is testament to Anwar's dedication and passion.

Apart from getting his coaching license, he also holds a level-one certification from USA Track and Field (USATF), the national governing body for the sport of track and field in the US.

And it does not stop there. He also holds various specializations from the USATF in the areas of long term sprinting, design of coach development programs, sports science and cross-country running.

Training the next Indian stars

With all of the coaching acumen under his belt, Anwar's benevolence extends beyond the mere training of the elite athletes.

His goal is to provide access and opportunity to the underprivileged sections, grooming and nurturing them into future superstars for the country.

With his base of operation at the Sri Vittar Rajoshi Charities Trust Sports Academy, he has already made good on his word and has trained several young athletes into medal winners at the state and national levels.

His mission is to ensure the athletes are given holistic training, both on the field with their sport specific work and off the field to improve their physical and mental attributes to get themselves into peak competition-shape.

Anwar's ultimate dream is to start an academy of his own and train underprivileged athletes by providing them access to proper training and opportunities at the state and national level.

According to him, India has no shortage of talent but lack of access and opportunities is what is stopping them and he wants to make his mark by bridging that gap.

With the likes of Ajhar Anwar Ali guiding youngsters aspiring to make a mark, there is hope still for Indian athletics.

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