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Abhin Devadiga & Ancy Sojan win 200m titles in junior National Athletics C'ships

Abhin Devadiga & Ancy Sojan win 200m titles in junior National Athletics Cships

Md Imtiaz

Published: 11 Feb 2021 4:21 AM GMT

Abhin Bhaskar Devadiga (Karnataka) and Ancy Sojan (Kerala) turned in smart running on the bend to claim the under-20 men and women’s 200m crowns respectively on the final day of the 36th National Junior Athletics Championships at the Sarusajai Stadium here today.

While Abhin Devadiga, a student from Udupi district, added the gold here in 21.34 seconds to the title he won a fortnight ago in the Federation Cup Junior U20 Athletics Championships in Bhopal, Thrissur district’s Ancy Sojan denied Delhi runner Taranjeet Kaur the joy of completing the sprint double the second time in as many meets with a victory 24.51 seconds.

A lot of attention was focused on Tamil Nadu triple jumper Praveen Chithravel. He won by a comfortable margin by scripting the four best efforts at the pit today but he was a good 19cm short of the 16.01m mark that he managed a fortnight ago. In fact, he would be disappointed that he was unable to go past the 14m mark twice in his six attempts.

He knew victory would be his, given that only one other competitor, Harpal Singh Mann (Punjab) managed two 15m jumps. And that the 19-year-old’s biggest challenge was to find the rhythm that would help him aim for another 16m jump, just as he had managed in the Federation Cup Junior U20 Athletics Championships in Bhopal late last month.

In savouring the rare taste of victory, Madhya Pradesh’s Arjun Waskale rewrote the under-18 boys 1500m meet record with a win in 3 minutes 50.38 seconds to erase the 3:53.63 mark held by Shankar in Coimbatore in 2016. With a previous best of 3:54.25 in December 2019, he made his maiden metric mile this year a memorable one with a tactical race against J Rijoy (Kerala).

Shahrukh Khan (Uttar Pradesh) and Haryana’s Deepika produced National Record today in the under-16 events. Shahrukh Khan, who hails from Lucknow, won the boys 2000m in 5 minutes 27.87 seconds while Deepika threw the javelin 48.21m to win the girls’ event, smashing the mark of 43.52m set by Guriya Kumari in Tirupati in 2018.

The results (finals):



200m: 1. Abhin B Devadiga (Karnataka) 21.34 seconds; 2. Ritik Malik (Delhi) 21.44; 3. Nalubothu Shanmuga Srinivas (Andhra Pradesh) 21.60.

400m Hurdles: 1. VS Pranav (Tamil Nadu) 52.75; 2. Rakshith (Karnataka) 53.60; 3. Subash Das (West Bengal) 54.10.

Triple Jump: 1. Praveen Chithravel (Tamil Nadu) 15.82m; 2. Harpal Singh Mann (Punjab) 15.11; 3. Rakesh Roshan (Uttarakhand) 14.93.


200m: 1. Ancy Sojan (Kerala) 24.51 seconds; 2. Taranjeet Kaur (Delhi) 24.65; 3. Madhumita Deb (Odisha) 24.90.

400m Hurdles: 1. J Vishnu Priya (Kerala) 1:01.69; 2. K Prajna (Karnataka) 1:02.92; 3. C Vishrutha (Tamil Nadu) 1:03.26.

Hammer Throw: 1. Kashish Singh (Uttar Pradesh) 50.05m; 2. Aishwarya (Haryana) 49.26; 3. Bhagwati Choudhary (Rajasthan) 47.92.



200m: 1. Kapil (Haryana) 21.54 seconds; 2. Aniket Choudhary (Telangana) 21.71; 3. S Barath (Tamil Nadu) 21.85.

1500m: 1. Arjun Waskale (Madhya Pradesh) 3:50.38 (New Meet Record. Old: 3:53.63, Shankar, Coimbatore, 2016); 2. J Rijoy (Kerala) 3:53.66; 3. Ravi Khatana (Delhi) 3:59.57.

3000m: 1. Gagan Singh (Haryana) 8:40.16; 2. Dhuladev Baban Ghagre (Maharashtra) 8:44.03; 3. Ravdeep (Rajasthan) 8:44.24.

400m Hurdles: 1. Siddhesh Maruti Choudhary (Maharashtra) 53.91 seconds; 2. Swayam Pratimkumar Badhe (Maharashtra) 53.94; 3. Ankit (Rajasthan) 54.06.

High Jump: 1. Sandeep Kumar (Uttar Pradesh) 2.05m; 2. B Bharat Raj (Kerala) 1.99; 3. Aniket Subhash Mane (Maharashtra) 1.99.


200m: 1. Sudeshna Hanmant Shiva (Maharashtra) 24.65 seconds; 2. Jeevanji Deepthi (Telangana) 24.67; 3. Priya Habbathanahally Mohan (Karnataka) 24.86.

1500m: 1. Bushra Khan Gauri (Madhya Pradesh) 4:53.47; 2, Aakancha Kerketta (Tamil Nadu) 4:53.51; 3. Mandeep Kaur (Punjab) 4:55.56.

3000m: 1. Rinkee Dhanya Pawara (Maharashtra) 9:55.04; 2. Supriti Kachhap (Jharkhand) 10:05.08; 3. Pallavi Chandrakant Jagdale (Maharashtra) 10:16.56.

400m Hurdles: 1. Shweta Satappa Chikodi (Maharashtra) 1:04.46; 2. KV Lakshmipriya (Kerala) 1:05.99; 3. Ramandeep Kaur (Punjab) 1:06.55.

Pole Vault: 1. M Uvadharrshini (Tamil Nadu) 3.10m; 2. Rajni (Haryana) 3.00; 3. Vibha Srinivasa (Karnataka) 2.60.

Shot Put: 1 Vidhi (Uttar Pradesh) 15.96m; 2. Jasmine Kaur (Punjab) 15.83; 3. Bharti (Haryana) 14.95.



2000m: 1. Shahrukh Khan (Uttar Pradesh) 5:27.87 (New National and Meet Records. Old: 5:31.87, Vikas, Coimbatore, 2016); 2. Amit Chaudhry (Uttar Pradesh) 5:28.28; 3. Rohit (Haryana) 5:28.82.

Hammer Throw: 1. Narpat Singh (Rajasthan) 63.38m; 2. Prateek (Haryana) 59.38; 3. Kapil (Haryana) 55.62.


2000m: 1. Sunita Devi (Uttar Pradesh) 6:29.22; 2. Priyanka (Haryana) 6:29.99; 3. Gayatri Malgonda Patil (Maharashtra) 6:30.39.

Javelin Throw: 1. Deepika (Haryana) 48.21m (New National and Meet records. Old National Record: 43.52, Guriya Kumari, Tirupati, 2018; Old Meet Record: 43.08, Pratiksha Patel, Guntur, 2019); 2. Archana Yadav (Uttar Pradesh) 38.42; 3. Manisha (Haryana) 35.35.



600m: 1. Mohnish Raza (Jharkhand) 1:27.24; 2. Akasnshu (Haryana) 1:27.51; 3. Mayank Mawai (Rajasthan) 1:28.06


600m: 1. Tahura Khatun (West Bengal) 1:38.04; 2. Eva Manoj (Maharashtra) 1:38.22; 3. Rimjim Saikia (Assam) 1:41.05.

High Jump: 1. Pooja (Haryana) 1.141m; 2. Gowthami (Karnataka) 1.40 and Surekha Rajendra Fark (Tamil Nadu) 1.40.

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