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Asian Para Games

Asian Para Games 2023: Full list of Indian athletes who won medals

Here is the list of Indian para-athletes who won medals at the Asian Para Games 2023 in Hangzhou, China.

Asian Para Games 2023: Full list of Indian athletes who won medals

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Updated: 28 Oct 2023 5:14 AM GMT

The Indian contingent finished with a total of 111 medals including 29 Gold, 31 Silver, and 51 Bronze medals at the Asian Para Games which makes this India's best Para Games. Indian team crossed the 100+ medals for the first time in the history of the continental showpiece.

Para-Athletics Contingent helped the Indian team as almost 50 Percent of medals(55) came out from this sport. The para-badminton contingent is the second best as they contributed to 21 medals.

Here is the list of Indian medalists at the Asian Games 2023:


Sheetal Devi- Women's Individual Compound- Gold

Sheetal Devi, Rakesh Kumar- Mixed Team Compound- Gold

Rakesh Kumar- Men's Individual Compound- Silver

Rakesh Kumar, Suraj Singh- Men's Doubles Compound- Silver

Sheetal Devi, Sarita- Women's Doubles Compound- Silver

Adil Mohamed Nazir Ansari, Naveen Dalal- Men's Doubles W1- Bronze

Harvinder Singh, Sahil- Men's Doubles Recurve- Bronze


Sumit Antil- Men's Javelin throw F64- Gold

Sundar Singh Gurjar- Men's Javelin Throw F46- Gold

Shailesh Kumar- Men's High Jump T63- Gold

Pranav Soorma- Men's Club Throw F51- Gold

Nishad Kumar- Men's HighJumpp T47- Gold

Ankur Dhama- Men's 5000m T11- Gold

Ankur Dhama- Men's 1500m T11- Gold

Rakshitha Raju- Women's 1500m T11- Gold

Parveen Kumar- Men's HighJumpp T64- Gold

Jeevanji Deepthi- Women's 400m T20- Gold

Neeraj Yadav- Men's Discus Throw F54/55/56- Gold

Neeraj Yadav- Men's Javelin Throw F55- Gold

Haney- Men's Javelin throw F37/38- Gold

Nimisha Chakkungalparambil -Women's Long Jump T47- Gold

Sachin Khilari- Men's Shot Put F46- Gold

Raman Sharma- Men's 1500m T38- Gold

Solairaj Dharmaraj- Men's long jump T64- Gold

Dilip Gavit- Men's 400m T47- Gold

Rinku- Men's Javelin Throw F46- Silver

Lalitha Killaka- Women's 1500m T11- Silver

Shankarappa- Men's 1500m T13- Silver

Soman Rana- Men's Shot Put F57- Silver

Pradeep- Men's Javelin F54- Silver

Mariyappan- Men's High jump T63- Silver

Dharambir- Men's Club Throw F51-Silver

Ram Pal- Men's High jump T47- Silver

Ajay Kumar- Men's 400m T64- Silver

Ravi Rongali- Men's ShotPutt F40- Silver

Simran- Women's 100m T12- Silver

Simran- Women's 200m T12- Silver

Monu Ghangas- Men's Discus Throw F11- Silver

Parmod- Men's 1500m T46- Silver

Bhagyashri Jadhav- Women's Shot put-F34- Silver

Yogesh Kathuniya- Men's Discus Throw F54/55/56- Silver

Pooja- Women's Discus Throw F54/55- Silver

Pushpendra- Men's Javelin throw F64- Bronze

Tek Chand- Men's Javelin Throw F55-Bronze

Pooja- Women's 1500m T20- Bronze

Ajeet Singh- Men's Javelin Throw F46- Bronze

Laxit- Men's Javelin F54- Bronze

Lakshmi- -Women's Discus Throw F37/38- Bronze

Manu- Men's Shot Put F37- Bronze

Rohit Kumar- Men's Shot Put F46- Bronze

Rakesh Bhaira- Men's 1500m T46- Bronze

Hokato Sema Hotozhe- Men's Shot Put F57- Bronze

Monu Ghangas- Men's ShotPutt F11- Bronze

Ekta Bhyan- Women's Club throw F32/51- Bronze

Amit Kumar- Men's Club Throw F51- Bronze

Unni Renu- Men's High jump T64- Bronze

Muthuraja- Men's Discus Throw F54/55/56- Bronze

Muthuraja- Men's Shot Put F55- Bronze

Narayan Thakur- Men's- 200m T35- Bronze

Shreyansh Trivedi- Men's 200m T37- Bronze

Narayan Thakur- Men's- 100m T35- Bronze

Shreyansh Trivedi- Men's 100m T37- Bronze


Pramod Bhagat- Men's Singles SL3- Gold

Suhas Yathiraj- Men's Singles SL4- Gold

Nitesh Kumar/Tarun- Men's Doubles SL3-SL4- Gold

Thulasimathi Murugesan- Women's Singles SU5- Gold

Krishna Nagar- Men's Singles SH6- Silver

Nitesh Kumar- Men's Singles SL3- Silver

Manasi Joshi/Thulasimathi Murugesan- Women's Doubles SL3-SU5- Silver

Chirag Baretha/Rajkumar- Men's Doubles SU5- Silver

Pramod Bhagat/Manisha Ramdass-Mixed doubles SL3-SU5- Bronze

Nitesh Kumar/Thulasimathi Murugesan-Mixed doubles SL3-SU5- Bronze

Manasi Joshi-Women's Singles SL3- Bronze

Vaishnavi Puneyani- Women's Singles SL4- Bronze

Mandeep Kaur- Women's Singles SL3- Bronze

Sivarajan Solaimalai/Nithya Sre- Mixed doubles SH6- Bronze

Sukant Kadam- Men's Singles SL4- Bronze

Nithya Sre Sivan- Women's Singles SH6- Bronze

Manisha Ramdass- Women's Singles SU5- Bronze

Krishna Nagar/Sivarajan Solaimalai- Men's Doubles SH6- Bronze

Pramod Bhagat/Sukant Kadam- Men's Doubles SL3-SU4- Bronze

Manisha Ramdass/Mandeep Kaur- Women's Doubles SL3-SU5- Bronze

Nithya Sre/Rachana Patel- Women's Doubles SH6- Bronze


Inani Satish Darpan- Men's Individual Rapid V1-B1- Gold

Men's team Rapid V1-B1- Gold

Pradhan Kumar Soundarya- Men's Individual Rapid V1-B1- Silver

Ashwinbhai Makwana- Men's Individual Rapid V1-B1- Bronze

Kishan Gangoli-Men's Individual Rapid V1-B2/B3-Bronze

Himanshi Rathi- Women's Individual Standard VI-B1- Bronze

Men's team Rapid V1-B2/B3- Bronze

Women's team Rapid V1-B1- Bronze


Prachi Yadav- Women's KL2- Gold

Prachi Yadav- Women's VL2- Silver

Manish Kaurav- Men's KL3- Bronze

Gajendra Singh- Men's VL2- Bronze


Kapil Parmar- Men 60 kg J1- Silver

Kokila- Women 48 kg J2- Bronze


Zainab Khatoon- Women's 61 kg- Silver

Raj Kumari- Women's 61 kg- Bronze

Ashok- Men's 65 kg- Bronze


Anita/Narayana Konganpalle- PR3 Mixed Double Sculls- Bronze


Avani Lekhara- Women's 10m Air Rifle Standing SH1- Gold

Sidhartha Babu- Mixed 50m Rifle Prone SH1- Gold

Rudransh Khandelwal- Men's 10m Air Pistol SH1- Silver

Rudransh Khandelwal-Mixed 50m Pistol SH1- Silver

Manish Narwal- Men's 10m Air Pistol SH1- Bronze

Rubina Francis- Women's 10m Air Pistol SH1- Bronze

Para- Swimming

Suyash Narayan Jadhav- Men's 50m Butterfly S7- Bronze


Aruna- Women's K44-47kg- Bronze

Para-Table Tennis

Sandeep Dangi- Men's Singles Class 1- Bronze

Bhavina Hasmukhbhai Patel- Women's Singles Class 4- Bronze

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