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Asian Games

Manini Kaushik finds silver lining despite individual setback

Manini Kaushik finished 18th in the qualification falling short of a finals berth, but won the silver medal in women's 50m 3P team event.

Manini Kaushik finds silver lining despite individual setback

The Bridge Desk

Updated: 27 Sep 2023 8:07 AM GMT

The Indian women's 50m rifle 3 position shooting team secured a silver medal at the prestigious Asian Games earlier today.

While the collective efforts of Ashi Chouksey, Manini Kaushik, and Sift Kaur Samra landed them on the podium, Manini Kaushik responded graciously to her setback.

During the qualifications, the trio delivered a stellar performance, accumulating a total of 1764 points, earning them a commendable second-place finish. Samra and Chouksey continued their impressive run by qualifying for the finals, clinching the gold and bronze medals, respectively.

However, the individual event proved to be a challenging hurdle for Manini Kaushik, as she finished 18th, falling short of a finals berth.

Manini Kaushik remains positive about the performance in the Asian games despite the individual setback, "I'm happy for my teammates and our silver medal in the team competition. I may not have an individual medal, but I'm not returning empty-handed, and that brings me joy. My happiness is for my country, my teammates, my support staff, and everyone involved."

Regarding the tears she shed, which left many curious about their nature, Manini elucidated, "They were both happy and sad tears. I'm delighted for my team and my nation, but I recognize the need to improve personally."

Manini concluded with the importance of staying positive in the face of adversity. "It's a mix of emotions, but right now, I'm focusing my energy towards the positives," she signed off.

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