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'Age does not define Anahat,' Abhay Singh praises mixed doubles partner

Abhay Singh praises 15-year-old Anahat's talent and determination, emphasising that her age does not define his mixed doubles partner.

Age does not define Anahat, Abhay Singh praises mixed doubles partner

Abhay Singh with Anahat Singh 


Aswathy Santhosh

Updated: 4 Oct 2023 4:14 PM GMT

The young Indian sensation Anahat Singh made her mark at the Asian Games 2023, clinching not one but two bronze medals at the tender age of 15. Her partner in mixed doubles, Abhay Singh, couldn't be prouder of her achievements. "Age does not define her," he asserts, and their dynamic partnership is proof of that.

Abhay Singh, who also secured a gold in the men's team event, couldn't speak highly enough of his young partner. "I'm very proud of her," he beams. "She's such a fighter. She's lifted my spirits all week. I wasn't doing too well, physically and mentally after my men's team final, and I think it's very hard to bounce back from that, with a lot of emotions involved."

Trust is important

Abhay Singh goes on to highlight the refreshing presence of Anahat on and off the court. "It's so refreshing having a 15-year-old around you because she makes everything very fun and it's all bubbly and nice."

Their friendship extends beyond the court, as Abhay mentions, "She looks at life in a very relaxed, fun way, so you can't be very serious around her. We have a very good relationship. She's opened up with me about a few things, and that shows me that she trusts me."

In doubles, trust and synchronisation are paramount, and Abhay emphasises this aspect, saying, "When you're playing doubles, you really need to back each other up - you don't lose individually, you lose as a team, you also win as a team."

Anahat Singh's achievements at such a young age do not surprise Abhay. "To be a 15-year-old girl and come to the Asian Games and win two bronzes, she's showing what she's capable of."

Swimming against the tides

Their journey to the Asian Games success did not come without challenges Abhay recounts, "When we came here two months ago for the warm-up event, we hadn't even hit a single ball (together). I couldn't complete our first practice session because I tore my shoulder, so we just turned up here, played, and we beat two Hong Kong, China teams." Their hard work and determination ultimately paid off with a bronze medal.

Abhay acknowledges Anahat's dedication during their training. "She is hardworking. I put her through some training sessions that she might not have enjoyed, but I never heard her complain. She just put her head down and worked, and that showed today."

Future is bright

Anahat Singh reciprocates the admiration and camaraderie, "For the past few months, I've spent a lot of time with him (Abhay). I feel like we really understand each other, and we get along well and that's one of the advantages of playing doubles together."

Looking ahead, Anahat expresses optimism for their partnership's future success, "We will do much better in the future if we both continue to play like this because I feel we have a really good chance of winning, hopefully, the Asian Games next time we play together."

The youthful duo of Anahat Singh and Abhay Singh has certainly captured the hearts of fans and the admiration of fellow athletes at the Asian Games, setting the stage for a promising journey in the world of squash.

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