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"No body part to be spared in the medical screening," says Indian Olympic Association

No body part to be spared in the medical screening, says Indian Olympic Association

Prasen Moudgal

Published: 2 Aug 2018 8:27 AM GMT
In an approach to keep the athletes as part of the Indian contingent ahead of the 2018 Asian Games in a ‘optimal physical and psychological’ condition for their respective events, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has demanded a medical screening of each athlete from the National Sports Federations which is set to include a thorough scan of each body part and every organ in the body. In addition to this, the rules will be applicable to the officials as well, who are set to travel with the squad for the competition. The decision to demand a scrupulous assessment comes with a motive of ‘fine tuning’ the athletes and to ensure that they put their best foot forward in the competition. The test, which will require the details of medical conditions of both the internal and external body organs will also be accompanied by questions on past and present medical history and current medication, as well as the athletes’ families' medical history.
Apart from the analysis on medical conditions, the report
, which is due to be submitted on the 10th of August will also encompass the athlete’s drinking and smoking habits in an official release by the General Secretary Rajeev Mehta.

A sequel to the 'No needle policy'

This release follows a ‘No needle policy’ from Indian Olympic Association that instructed the officials of the NSF to ensure that medicines for illness or specific purposes do not contain the WADA prohibited substances in a bid to ensure that they ward away any predicaments in relation to the unfortunate circumstances which presented themselves during the 2018 Commonwealth Games.
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While the final date for submitting the report is slated as the 10th of August, an additional clause as part of the release mentions the need for the NSF officials to inform the IOA if any particular athlete is found unable to put in their best efforts during the Asian Games owing to any medical conditions.
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