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Tokyo Olympics: Atanu Das knocked out of Archery 1/8 elimination round

It seemed to be going well until the final round came and Furakawa took advantage of a misplaced shot

Archer Atanu Das

Atanu Das (Source: World Archery)


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 31 July 2021 9:16 AM GMT

It was a battle of the ages. Atanu ranked 9 up against a man who was competing in his 5th Olympics. Atanu began his first set score by shooting 9-8-8 and lost out as Furakawa managed to get by with 3 consistent 9's. Heading into the match, Atanu seemed as cool as ever and was calm despite the first round debacle.

In the 2nd round he shot 10-9-9 and set up a score of 28. Furakawa replied with 9-9-10 and managed to keep his nerve by tying the score and overall set score went to 3-1. Atanu managed to up his game in this round as he was consistent in his grouping on the target. Furakawa was struggling in the first two shots but

Set 3 began with another 10 from Atanu. Furakawa hit an 8 for the first time. Atanu replied with a 10 and in his 3rd shot hit a 10. Furakwa hit a 10 and had to hit a bullseye again in his final shot as well but managed to miss out by a few centimeters to hit a 9. Atanu claimed the set and tied the overall score with 3-3. It was a thrilling encounter, but the worst was yet to come for India.

In the 4th set, it seemed as though both archers would edge the other by 1 point by it somehow came down to a 9-10-9 combination in which both of them shot 28 each to tie the set.

As a result it would be a winner takes all 5th set. Atanu began with 9 and this was replied to with a 9 as well by the Japanese legend. Atanu slipped for the 2nd time and shot an 8 to which his opponent hit a 10. It seemed over as Atanu could not recover with a 9 in his final shot despite Furakawa hitting an 8.

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