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Period leaves for women - New addition to our leave policy

Period leaves for women - New addition to our leave policy

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Updated: 10 Nov 2021 7:58 AM GMT

Earlier this week, our Co-Founder Arshi Yasin shared the following message with the team.

Hi all,

"Charity begins at home" they say. Women and men physiology is different and that is natural. So, applying the same barometers for men & women does not make sense and I believe workplace culture should reflect that.

The Bridge is influencing the future by bridging the gap in Indian Sports through storytelling. Growing a future like ours cannot be achieved by one person's mindset. Our goals can only be achieved by a diverse and inclusive workplace where every employee feels valued and empowered.

I do not want these to be mere words on paper, but become a part of our core values.

In line with maternity leave, I am glad to introduce a one-day period leave for our women workforce every month.

I want women in my team to say "I am on period leave" comfortably rather than "I am feeling unwell, having stomach ache & therefore I want to take off".

I understand this is still a surprisingly uncomfortable and impolite topic of conversation, but it does not change the fact that women's bodies function differently than men's bodies.

Promoting safe and healthy practices that allow people to get the support yields a more productive workforce, especially when the employees know they won't be penalized for taking a day off to address sound health.

Period leave is not special treatment. It is simply a basic need and comes with the added bonus of recognizing and valuing women.

In 2020, the pandemic fast-forwarded progress and change like never before. Positive changes cannot and should not stop in 2021. This is one big step in that direction.

Stay strong & stay safe.


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