Asian Games: India beat Bangladesh in a tightly contested game- Highlights

Sunil Chhetri converted a penalty to take India one step closer to the qualification for the next round.

Update: 2023-09-21 07:31 GMT

India vs Bangladesh 

In a tightly contested encounter at the Asian Games, the Indian men's football team secured a vital victory against Bangladesh.

The match remained goalless until the second half when Sunil Chhetri converted a penalty in the 85th minute, giving India the lead. With this victory, India takes a significant step forward in their quest for qualification to the next round.  

As it happened:

Live Updates
2023-09-21 09:58 GMT

India scraps out a hard fought win..

India 1 - 0  Bangladesh 

2023-09-21 09:54 GMT

Should be an offside but the flag is not up, Bangladesh into the box. Lalchungnunga with a last ditch tackle to deny it.

2023-09-21 09:53 GMT

Four minutes to defend the one goal lead.

2023-09-21 09:47 GMT

Sunil Chhetri steps up and calmly converts the penalty for India! They take the lead in this crucial match. That's a pivotal moment in the game, and India will be looking to hold onto their advantage. 


2023-09-21 09:45 GMT

A critical moment for India as Bryce Miranda is fouled by the Bangladesh captain inside the box, resulting in a penalty for India. This could be a game-changing opportunity. 

2023-09-21 09:40 GMT

A tense one-on-one situation with Jony beating Lalchungnunga, but Dheeraj Singh comes to the rescue with a stunning save to deny the goal. 

2023-09-21 09:39 GMT

Crucial defensive moment by Narendar to prevent what could have been a goal for Bangladesh. Last-ditch tackle from Narendar. 

2023-09-21 09:36 GMT

A corner opportunity for Bangladesh, with Rabul taking the corner. However, it goes out after a header from Rahman Jony. 

2023-09-21 09:28 GMT

A promising free-kick opportunity for India as Gurkirat is fouled in a good position. Samuel takes the free kick, delivering a powerful shot that Mitul manages to punch away, resulting in a corner for India. 


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