PUBG Mobile introduces off-road racing mode ahead of 19th Asian Games

Taking inspiration from real-world activities such as off-roading, and target shooting, the mode is set to be a highlight for players.

Update: 2023-08-24 06:01 GMT

PUBG introduces new Off-road racing ahead of Asian games

PUBG Mobile has rolled out a special "Off-Road Racing" mode as a precursor to the upcoming 19th Asian Games, this new gameplay mode promises to test players' responsiveness, teamwork, and determination.

Taking inspiration from high-octane real-world activities such as skydiving, off-roading, and target shooting, the mode is set to be a highlight for players gearing up for the Asian Games.

The Asian Games, a prestigious sporting event sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee and held every four years, attract top-tier athletes from across Asia. The competition, slated for September 2023, will grant participants the opportunity to vie for the highly sought-after gold medal.

The new off-road racing mode not only promises an adrenaline-pumping experience but also rewards players with bonus in-game items in PUBG Mobile. The mode, now available for all players, pits four teams of four against each other in a race like no other.

Set on the Miramar map, participants will navigate through a multi-stage race that presents a variety of skill-based challenges at each juncture.

Teams will kick off their race by skydiving into their designated starting positions before embarking on the Vehicle Racing Stage. This stage requires players to pass through four "Check Stations" en route to the finish line.

Maintaining the vehicle's equilibrium and adeptly managing speed emerge as pivotal factors in determining success. Upon reaching a check station, players' accuracy and reflexes will be put to the test as they engage down moving, soaring, and retracting targets, aiming to rack up points for progression.

Strategic target selection becomes crucial, given that certain targets yield higher points than others. Faster completion of a check station translates to a team's proximity to victory.

Teams can shoot at roadside targets to secure vehicle boosts during intervals between Check Stations. This mechanic adds an extra layer of excitement as teams make a final dash toward the finish line. Victory ultimately belongs to the team that crosses the finish line first.


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