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2018: Year In Review

Note from Founders: Thank you for your love and faith in us

Note from Founders: Thank you for your love and faith in us

Shuvro Ghoshal

Updated: 1 March 2022 10:18 AM GMT
What did you do in the last year? Got a new job? Did a certification course? Won an award? Got married? Had a baby? Guess what we did? We made a website. The foundation of The Bridge was laid down long back when two enthusiasts discovered their passion for sports. But the first stone was put in place only in July 2017. At that point, the founders had only one milestone in mind – to have one story, only one, that The Bridge could be proud of. That milestone, dear readers, has been achieved. When we started out with The Bridge, the aim was to stay true to the name; to bridge the gap between the Indian mass and Indian sports.
In a little over one year, The Bridge has been able to metamorphose into a one-stop media platform for Indian Sports with a vision to bring every sports discipline into the limelight.
And that one story we are proud of? A successful crowdfunding project initiated by The Bridge enabled a group of 16 young girls from Bihar to not only compete in a United Nations-hosted tournament, but also bring the winning trophy home. We started out as a five-member team, with all five moonlighting as writer, editor, designer, manager, and believer. Today, we have a pan-India presence with a pool of writers and reporters from all across the country.
Our content has been loved, praised and retweeted by prominent sportspersons of the country, and we have successfully built a loyal readership among young Indians who worship sports.
In the past year, a little over 1000 stories have been published on the website, steadily increasing traffic, which now stands at around one lakh hits per month.
But instant gratification in the form of likes, shares, and retweets are not what we are after. While all of that work great as morale boosters, we, at The Bridge, believe in creating long-standing impact. Backed by content aimed at increasing awareness about sports bodies, policies, and athletes, we hope to keep doing that.
2019 is going to be an important year for us. The love from our readers has seen us through all kinds of challenges. Fund crunch, resource crunch, time crunch, yada yada yada. But we will not bore you with all of that. What you need to know is that your love has also helped us establish ourselves as a formidable force in the sports media scene. And in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we only wish to strengthen that position. In that effect, we would ask of you, dear readers, of one thing only: your unwavering faith in us. In return, we promise to bring to you more stories of grit, conviction, and passion, that will continue to inspire you, regardless of whether it's cricket season or not.
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