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Know why Michael Phelps is at the Tokyo Olympics

The 28 times Olympic medallist Michael Phelps is in Tokyo to serve as a primetime NBC correspondent

Swimming legend Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps (Source: Jack Spitser)


Kalptaru Agarwal

Updated: 2021-07-30T18:31:02+05:30

Michael Phelps, the greatest swimmer of all time from the United States of America has been known for his powerful strokes and world record timings in swimming. If there is any mention of him and the Olympics, there is either a World Record to be broken or an Olympic medal to be won, such was the reputation earned by the most decorated Olympian in history.

Michael is in Tokyo for the Summer Games 2020 but this time there is a twist, you won't watch the Phelps stroking his arms in water but his power of words. The 23-times Olympic gold medallist is serving as a primetime correspondent with the NBC alongside Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines.

Phelps reached Tokyo with his wife Nicole to capture some of the select races and he seems to have a gala time in the empty stadium clicking selfies and being on the other side of the door.

He retired from swimming after the Rio Games making this the first time that Olympics will miss his presence since Summer Games 2000. While some of the fans assumed his return, he clarified in a statement:

"I'm not coming back now -- don't get any ideas! I don't know. I have no desire to get in the water right now. I'm completely happy."

Adding to the humorous note, he said that if his mom or sons demands of him to compete, then he will consider once, otherwise no hopes. Phelps seems to be enjoying his life post his swimming journey. The champion competitive swimmer was always a delight to watch as she swiftly moved in the pool breaking records one by one.

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