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Gold medallist swimmer says F**k yeah! on live TV, draws reaction from mother

One of the many unique post match interviews in which the Australian swimmer revealed how she truly felt

Australian swimmer Kaylee McKeown

Kaylee McKeown


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 2021-07-28T10:33:47+05:30

The adrenalin rush post an Olympic victory is unlike any other. All sorts of thoughts and actions go through one's mind and it was clear for Australian swimmer Kaylee Mckeown as well. The gold medallist seemed to take her post match interview to another level altogether.

During her live interview post her victory, the interviewer asked her about what she would say to her mother and sister. Mind you, Kaylee had just broken the 100m backstroke record as well. Have a glimpse of it below for yourselves.
The first words she said were "F**k yeah" in the most comical and funny manner possible. It was of course taken lightly because she too immediately burst out laughing and realised her mistake. Her mother added to the humorous incident by saying she will have a word with her daughter later on.
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