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Tokyo Olympics: Shooting LIVE Day 6, July 29 - Manu shines, Rahi struggles in 25m Pistol - Updates, Scores, Results, Blog

Rahi Sarnobat, Manu Bhaker will be in action in the Women's 25m Air Pistol. Follow us for all the LIVE updates.

Manu Bhaker and Rahi Sarnobat

Manu Bhaker and Rahi Sarnobat will compete in Women's 25 Pistol.


Abhijit Nair

Updated: 2021-07-29T11:52:19+05:30

Welcome to The Bridge's LIVE Blog of Shooting from the Day 6 of the Tokyo Olympics.

Indian pistol shooters Rahi Sarnobat and Manu Bhaker had a mixed day at the Asaka Shooting Range today.

If Manu Bhaker managed to put all the criticisms behind and put up a stellar show to finish fifth after the Precision stage, the veteran Rahi Sarnobat struggled to get going and finished a disappointing 25th.

Live Updates

  • 29 July 2021 4:16 AM GMT

    That's all folks!

    That is all we had for the day from the Indian shooters at the Asaka Shooting Range today.

    While Manu Bhaker certainly comeback with vengeance, Rahi Sarnobat struggled and faltered. But remember, the Qualification is NOT OVER YET.

    We will have the 30 shots of Rapid tomorrow before heading into the final.

    If Manu Bhaker will have to maintain this momentum tomorrow, Rahi will have to find ways to force her way back into this contest.

    Until then, goodbye. Thank you for joining in!

  • 29 July 2021 4:12 AM GMT

    Bhaker finishes 5th, Rahi 25th

    The Women's 25m Pistol Precision stage comes to a close, and we have the official confirmation. Manu Bhaker will finish at the 5th spot with score of 292, while Rahi Sarnobat will finish 25th with 287.



  • 29 July 2021 3:57 AM GMT

    Not looking good for Rahi

    The final relay is still going on, and things do not look good for Rahi Sarnobat. She has already fallen down to number 22, and there is a strong possibility that she might go down even further. Manu, on the other hand, looking solid at her number 5 spot.

  • 29 July 2021 3:31 AM GMT

    The fourth relay is underway

    The fourth relay of the Women's 25m Pistol Precision stage is underway at the Asaka Shooting Range. We will have the official confirmation of Manu Bhaker and Rahi Sarnobat's final standings of the day in around half an hour.

  • 29 July 2021 3:05 AM GMT

    End of the day for Indian shooters

    That's the end of the day for both the Indian shooters in contention. While Rahi Sarnobat faltered a bit to end with just 287, Manu Bhaker took the charge and shot a wonderful 292 out of 300 in Women's 25m Pistol Precision.

    The final rankings of Precision are yet not known though as the final relay of the day is yet to commence. We will keep you updated about where exactly both Rahi and Manu ends, and what would be their chances tomorrow. 

  • 29 July 2021 3:02 AM GMT

    Manu Bhaker finishes with 292

    Terrific display of shooting from the young Manu Bhaker, who finishes with a score of 292 out of possible 300 in Precision! The youngster is currently fifth in the standings.


  • 29 July 2021 2:53 AM GMT

    Manu trying her best

    Manu Bhaker started off her fifth series of five shots well before faltering in the final two. She even briefly moved up to sixth in the standings before coming back down to 9th.


  • 29 July 2021 2:47 AM GMT

    Yet another 97 for Manu

    Manu Bhaker shoots yet another 97 in her second 10 shots. She maintains her 9th position but will have to shoot even better to end the day on a high.


  • 29 July 2021 2:39 AM GMT

    Manu Bhaker maintains her 9th spot

    Manu Bhaker shoots 48 in her third series of five shots and maintains her 9th spot in the standings.


  • 29 July 2021 2:31 AM GMT

    Impressive start for Manu Bhaker

    This is an impressive start for Manu Bhaker, shooting 97 out of a possible 100 in her first ten shots. She has moved up to ninth in the standings.


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