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India secure 49 medals at the Uganda Para-Badminton International 2024

Indian para-athletes secured 49 medals, including 14 gold, 10 silver, and 25 bronze at the Uganda Para-Badminton International 2024.

India secure 49 medals at the Uganda Para-Badminton International 2024

Indian contingent at Uganda Para Badminton International 2024 (Photo Credit: BAI Media)


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 8 July 2024 1:53 PM GMT

Indian athletes displayed a remarkable performance at the Uganda Para-Badminton International 2024, held from July 2 to July 7, by securing a total of 49 medals.

The medal haul included 14 gold, 10 silver, and 25 bronze medals.

The event saw several standout performances by Indian players across various categories.

Kartik Suhag was one of the top performers, winning gold in both the men's singles SL3 and men's doubles SL4-SL3 category with partner Aman Thakur.

Abhijeet Sakhuja also excelled, securing gold in the men's singles SL4 and men's doubles SU5 with Jatin Azad.

In the women's categories, Neeraj and Arati Janoba Patil stood out.

Neeraj clinched gold in the women's singles SL3 and teamed up with Patil to win the women's doubles SL3-SU5 category. Patil added another gold to her tally in the women's singles SU5.

Additionally, Ruchi Trivedi emerged victorious in the women's singles WH2 and contributed to gold medals in both the mixed doubles WH1-WH2 with Poorna Rao and the women's doubles WH1-WH2 with Silva.

Poorna Rao, besides his mixed doubles win, earned a silver in the men's doubles WH1-WH2 with Munna Khalid.

The mixed doubles events also witnessed other notable achievements, with Karan Paneer and Amudha Saravanan taking gold in the XD-SL3-SU5 category.

Silver medals were earned by Indian athletes across several events. Vijendra and Surya Kant Yadav secured second-place finishes in the men's singles SL3 and SL4 categories, respectively.

Latika Thakur won silver in the women's singles SU5 and teamed up with Amudha Saravanan for silver in the women's doubles SL3-SU5. Other silver medalists included Shabana (WS-WH2), Nitin (MS-SH6), and Karan Paneer and Ibhraim (MD-SU5).

India's bronze medalists also had impressive outings. Amudha Saravanan, Deep Ranjan, and Harshit Choudhary were among those who added to India's medal count in various singles categories.

The doubles teams, including Partheban Jagadeesan and Neeraj, and Dinesh Rajaiah and Surya Kant Yadav, also contributed to the bronze tally.

Medal winners:

Gold Medalist:

1. Kartik Suhag (MS-SL3)

2. Abhijeet Sakhuja (MS-SL4)

3. Kartik Suhag and Aman Thakur (MD-SL4-SL3)

4. Neeraj (WS-SL3)

5. Arati Janoba Patil (WS-SU5)

6. Ruchi Trivedi (WS-WH2)

7. Munna Khalid (MS-WH2)

8. Sudarsan (MS-SH6)

9. Abhijeet Sakhuja and Jatin Azad (MD-SU5)

10. Neeraj and Aarti Patil (WD-SL3-SU5)

11. Karan Paneer and Amudha Saravanan (XD-SL3-SU5)

12. Poorna Rao and Ruchi Trivedi (XD-WH1-WH2)

13. Jatin Azad (MS-SU5)

14. Ruchi Trivedi and Silva (WD-WH1-WH2)

Silver Medalists:

1. Vijendra (MS-SL3)

2. Surya Kant Yadav (MS-SL4)

3. Latika Thakur (WS-SU5)

4. Shabana (WS-WH2)

5. Nitin (MS-SH6)

6. Karan Paneer and Ibhraim (MD-SU5)

7. Poorna Rao and Munna Khalid (MD-WH1-WH2)

8. Latika Thakur and Amudha Saravana (WD-SL3-SU5)

9. Surya Kant Yadav and Neeraj (XD-SL3-SU5)

10. Anusha Chidananda and Shabana (WD-WH1-WH2)

Bronze Medalists:

1. Amudha Saravana (WS-SL3)

2. Deep Ranjan (MS-SL4)

3. Harshit Choudhary (MS-SL4)

4. Balakeshavulu (MS-SL3)

5. Dinesh Rajaiah (MS-SL3)

6. Swati (WS-SU5)

7. Karan Paneer (MS-SU5)

8. Vikram Singh (MS-SU5)

9. Poorna Rao (MS-WH1)

10. Kantharajanaik Ravinaik (MS-WH1)

11. Nurul Hossain (MS-WH2)

12. Suresh Kumar (MS-SH6)

13. Latatai (MS-SH6)

14. Partheban Jagadeesan and Neeraj (MD-SL3-SL4)

15. Dinesh Rajaiah and Surya Kant Yadav (MD-SL3-SL4)

16. Sumith Kumar Mahammad Shaheer (MD-SU5)

17. Deep Ranjan Bisoyee and Subhrajeet Maharana (MD-SU5)

18. Nurul Hossain and Konstantin (MD-WH1-WH2)

19. Kantharajanaik and Haris (MD-WH1-WH2)

20. Dinesh Rajaiah and Aarti Patil (XD-SL3-SU5)

21. Harshit Choudhary and Shivangi Pandey (XD-SL3-SU5)

22. Swati Maria (WD-SL3-SU5)

23. Kanak Singh and Shivangi Pandey (WD-SL3-SU5)

24. Munna Khalid and Anusha Chidanada (XD-WH1-WH2)

25. Anusha Chidananda (WS-WH1)

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