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Top 5 points which the other T20 leagues have copied from the IPL

Today, in this segment, we shall let our viewers, readers, and fans know about the top five points which have been taken from the Indian Premier League to the other leagues of T20 Cricket –

Top 5 points which the other T20 leagues have copied from the IPL

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Published: 17 March 2021 10:55 AM GMT

The IPL – Indian Premier League, has been ruling the world since its inception in 2008. A decade now, this cash-rich league tournament has been a prominent event in the cricketing world. The IPL has become an instant hit amongst cricket lovers in India and fans worldwide.

It has been 13 years that The Indian Premier League has been innovated many great ideas, and it has expanded its extravaganza of the shortest format of Cricket. The IPL 2021 season is scheduled from 9th April to 30th May 2021. The 14th season of this mega tournament will be played in India. But behind the closed doors.

After the Indian Premier League's launching in 2008, many cricket boards have launched the same franchise-style Cricket in their country. IPL is the first of a kind in the industry of T20 Cricket. So seven T20 leagues are a copy of the Indian Premier League. The invention of the IPL has given an idea to the other countries in launching these seven popular leagues worldwide.

Many ideas of the IPL have been followed. Today, in this segment, we shall let our viewers, readers, and fans know about the top five points which have been taken from the Indian Premier League to the other leagues of T20 Cricket –

· The Mid Innings Time Out – According to kheltalk, In IPL, the teams take a break for two minutes and 30 seconds to discuss and form the next few overs' new strategies. The IPL invented the concept, and it has been named Strategic Time Out. Many leagues had taken this idea, while many criticized it. But the players loved this innovation, and they took this concept for the betterment of their teams. In IPL, there are four time-outs, two each for the bowling and the batting side. Australia's BBL has also introduced this form. But their time-out style is but different. They have only two-time outs, and only the batting side can take the break between seven to 13 overs. This time-out concept has been followed by the IPL and BBL leagues. Let us hope that the other league tournaments will also follow it soon.

· A-Cap for the leading run-scorers and wicket-takers – In IPL, the highest wicket-taker is awarded the purple cap, and the highest run-scorer is given the orange cap. This is to identify the best performers in this cash-rich league tournament. The concept was brought by the IPL, which helped the players do well for their respective teams and fight to grab the precious caps. Australia's BBL also took the same concept, but their cap colour is different. They award the leading run-scorers and wicket-takers with a golden cap. This allows the Australian crowd to appreciate the players for the hard work and commitment to the team. The BBL crowd, management, and the players have adopted this concept with huge respect towards the IPL.

· The Different Jerseys Concept – The IPL has taken this innovative idea from football, where they have different jersey concepts for home and away games. The concept has been adopted to differentiate the home and the away team. The IPL had taken this concept when Kohli's side decided to wear two different jerseys for home and away games. RCB has a black jersey for the home matches, and for the away matches, they wear the gold jersey. Now the BBL league of Australia has come up with the same idea, and they have implemented this concept on a wider range which will help their crowds identify the hoe and the away teams during the live matches.

· The Antique Auction Process – The fight for the glorious IPL title begins with the auction. In the previous years, the auction was used to sell antique things that had more value. But this process was seen because of the IPL. From 2008, every year, the players have been auctioned in this cash-rich league tournament. This idea was never tried in Cricket and any sports before. That's why it looked bizarre. Many International Cricketers were brought by paying hefty prize money, and the auctions had also helped the youngsters who struggled for many years to earn money. The IPL auctions also have more viewership, just like the matches. The CPL and PSL have followed this idea. They set a maximum price in their auctions, whereas in IPL, the caps have unlimited prices.

· An Alien Concept called The Fan Parks – The Indian Premier League had introduced a new concept called fan parks in 2015. As per spinsvilla, the concept was new, and that is why it felt alien. Fan Parks means where the cricket-loving fans enjoy the matches in all the eight cities of India. They can enjoy watching stars live playing Cricket in front of them. The fans who do not have the facility to enjoy this magical atmosphere can still enjoy it. They can visit the empty stadiums and grounds where the big screens are installed to enjoy the live matches and free food and drinks. Now PSL has also come up with the similar idea of Fan Parks, and they will also install big screens so the fans of Pakistan can watch live matches and their favorite stars of their country.

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