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Iranian athletes will take part in India's national athletics meet

The Athletics Federation of India signs an agreement with its Athletics Federation of Iran to formalise one another's support

Iran Athletes at Tokyo Olympics (Source: Hindustan Times)

Iran Athletes at Tokyo Olympics (Source: Hindustan Times)



Updated: 16 Aug 2021 1:09 PM GMT

The Athletics Federation of India (AFI) has signed an agreement with its Iranian counterparts to "formalise one another's support" towards achieving success in track and field events.

AFI President Adille J Sumariwalla and Athletics Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran chief Hashem Siami said the cooperation agreement was an extension of the close relationship between the two organizations.

"We have always helped one another in all situations in keeping with the excellent relationships between the two countries," they said in a joint release. The agreement will allow "the participation of their teams in one another's National championships across all age groups and the possibility of holding joint camps at various times of the year"

"One of the most important aspects of the Cooperation Agreement is the up-gradation of knowledge of coaches through courses conducted in either country." Sumariwalla said, "there are exciting possibilities, including the purchase of athletics equipment."

"More than anything else, I am confident that athletes and coaches from both countries will draw from one another and that greater good will emerge from the Cooperation Agreement between the two Federations," he said.

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