Why we should talk about the Paralympics Games?

Despite massive participation, Paralympics do not receive the recognition it deserves.

Update: 2021-08-19 10:26 GMT

Paralympics (Source- paralympic.org)

India is still high on the fervour of the Tokyo Olympics following the success of Neeraj Chopra, who clinched the gold medal in javelin throw. While the news about the Olympians is still making waves, the stage is now set for the Paralympians, who are ready to fight all odds in their path to attain glory at the Tokyo Paralympics, which starts next week.

The Paralympic games follow up the Olympic games every time. Para athletes with a wide range of disabilities, including impairment of muscles and limbs, vision or intellectual impairment disabilities, participate in the Games. The Tokyo Paralympics will feature 540 events in 22 sports. The Paralympics are differentiated into several categories within the individual sports in order to make it fair for competitors physically, visually and mentally.
Indian para athlete javelin thrower Devendra Jhajharia
Despite massive participation, Paralympics do not receive the recognition it deserves. Compared to a person without a disability, a para athlete does not earn as much as their counterpart by the government. They earn fewer stipends throughout their careers. Overall, less media exposure and national recognition are granted to these athletes.

Why Paralympics should get the focus?

Para athletes need to be recognised and celebrated more widely, but they should also get equal opportunities. They are highly skilled in their fields and have also defeated their disabilities. Our para athletes display great courage and determination to overcome mental and physical obstacles. They display great willpower and courage to overcome mental and physical obstacles. Their characters are truly inspirational because they go out on the field and prove that nothing actually is impossible in this world. The Paralympics further build awareness on mental and physical disabilities in the hope of creating a better life for those with disabilities. It, therefore, serves to change public perception of disabilities in order to provide the Paralympics with better facilities that would drastically improve their quality of life.


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