Anjitha, India's first woman video analyst, aspires to become a coach

Anjitha M, India's first professional woman video analyst, shares her journey from player to analyst and expresses her ambition to earn a coaching license while continuing her work.

Update: 2024-06-24 15:29 GMT

Choosing to be an analyst allowed Anjitha to stay connected with the sport even after her playing career ended. (Photo Credit: Anjitha/Instagram)

Anjitha M has carved out a unique place for herself in Indian football as the first professional woman video analyst, currently working with the Gokulam Kerala Women's Team. Her journey from being a passionate player to an analyst is as inspiring as it is groundbreaking.

Anjitha’s love for football began in her childhood. "I started playing football because my father (Mani) was a player too. He used to take me to his matches, and that was really interesting for me," she recalled in an exclusive interview with The Bridge.

The turning point came when she was in the 8th grade, and her school decided to start a football team. This opportunity allowed her to play in Kerala junior and senior team games.

"My first coach, Nithish, dad and mom (Nalini) were the reasons I got into football. My family is my strength," she said.

After school, Anjitha continued to pursue her passion while studying for a B.Com at St. Joseph College. She played in the Calicut University matches and later joined the Kerala Blasters Women's Team.

"Blasters coach Shereef Khan saw potential in me and motivated me a lot. I learned so much from him," she shared.

Currently, Anjitha is pursuing an M.Com at Caramel College, balancing her studies with her football career.

Her transition from player to analyst was fueled by a deep interest in football,  "I was looking for options like sports management, but I found being an analyst to be a better fit for me," she explained.

Anjitha’s journey into analysis began with guidance from Anand Vardhan, an analyst for the Kerala Blasters reserve team. "He helped and guided me, giving me the first idea of how to become an analyst," she said.

She went on to complete a course from the Professional Football Scouts Association (PFSA), which provided her with valuable guidance. "Lots of people don't know about this field beyond just playing football," she noted.

Choosing this path allowed Anjitha to stay connected with the sport even after her playing career ended.

Working with the Gokulam Kerala Women's Team has been a fulfilling experience for her. "It’s great to stay involved in football, and being an analyst allows me to work from home while staying connected to the game," she said.

Despite the disappointment when the Kerala Blasters Women's Team was disbanded, Anjitha views her time with them as a privilege. "It was hard to accept that the team was disbanding, but the time I spent wearing the Kerala Blasters jersey was truly a privilege," she added.

Looking ahead, Anjitha has ambitious plans. "I want to get coaching licenses along with continuing my work as an analyst," she concluded.

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