SoulCity partners with Rooter and IGMC for the Inaugural Indian GTA V Rumble Invitational

A total of 20 teams—ten invited and ten qualified—will compete in a first-of-its-kind battle royale format for GTA to clinch a total prize pool of INR 2 lakh.

Update: 2024-05-16 17:03 GMT

SoulCity partners with Rooter and IGMC for the Inaugural Indian GTA V Rumble Invitational

SoulCity, S8UL’s GTA V arm, has partnered with Rooter and Indonesia GTA V Masters Championship (IGMC) to launch the premier edition of the Indian GTA V Rumble Invitational. The tournament is set to be a defining moment for the game in India, with a novel battle royale format conceptualized by Rooter.

Designed to enhance competitiveness, the format will create opportunities for the teams to display their skills through decisive face-offs. Known for its continued support of new initiatives in the GTA V landscape, SoulCity hopes to drive this initiative to success.

The tournament will be a platform for both veteran GTA V creators & talented new entrants to compete and make a mark in the country’s GTA V scene. It will see participation from 20 teams—10 invited and 10 qualified—who will compete on the GTA V map using the innovative 'Battleground' concept, all vying for a total prize pool of INR 2 lakh. The open qualifiers have been scheduled for May 17-19 and May 24-26, with the playoffs set for May 31st to 2nd June. The grand finals will take place from June 7-9.

Since its inception, SoulCity has leveraged the expertise of S8UL to help grow the GTA V landscape in India. In addition to S8UL, industry veteran & SoulCity co-owner, Kumar Swetank plays a key role in executing the vision of SoulCity. With a proven track record in branding, marketing, distribution, and connections to top teams in the GTA V community, SoulCity will be pivotal in the success of this pioneering IP.

Sharing his thoughts on the tournament, Lokesh Jain aka 8Bit Goldy, Co-Founder of S8UL stated, “Building on the immense success of SoulCity's star-studded server, we are thrilled to introduce the Indian GTA V Rumble Invitational. This initiative will not only showcase the remarkable talent within the Indian Esports community but it also aligns perfectly with SoulCity’s vision of expanding the GTA V community in India. By joining forces with Rooter and IGMC, we aim to create a unique gaming experience that brings out the best GTA V action while providing an opportunity for budding players to shine.”

Rooter, the country's largest gaming and Esports content platform will be organizing and planning the Indian GTA V Rumble Invitational to ensure a seamless execution and an engaging experience for all participants.

Speaking about the GTA bottle-royale concept they’ve designed, Dipesh Agarwal, Co-founder, and COO, Rooter said “When it comes to gaming entertainment, GTA is a fan favourite in the country. But we believe there is a deep potential for building more interesting esports propositions around the game. With our category-defining IP, we are confident of setting a new benchmark for competitive play in GTA, while delivering top-notch gaming entertainment. We are excited to have partners like S8UL and IGMC as we get ready to deliver an unforgettable experience to fans and players alike.”

When asked, Kumar Swetank, co-owner of SoulCity, expressed his excitement about the tournament and mentioned, “Since the inception, my goal has been to provide a more enriching GTA V experience to all involved and to create new opportunities in the country. I am glad that we are taking this step forward in that direction. Looking forward to making this a smooth tournament for all teams, viewers, and fans.”

Alongside SoulCity and Rooter, Indonesia-based IGMC will be contributing to the tournament’s prominence by offering a dedicated GTA V server tailored to meet regional requirements as well as providing resources for broadcasting and advertising, along with technical support.

Grand Theft Auto V has sold over 195 million copies worldwide since its 2013 launch, according to Statista. In December 2023, its user engagement reached 30.8 million monthly active users across PCs and consoles, following the release of its highly anticipated sequel.

The ten invited teams comprising the nation’s notable GTA V streamers and servers are as follows:

- Team PitajiPlayz - Team Name: Say Less

- Team HeadFlicker - Team Name: Genz

- Team Rusherw0w - Team Name: Redline

- Team Masoom + Rebel - Team Name: Illusion

- Team Mercy + Mafia - Team Name: Contract Killers

- Team Snax + Joker - Team Name: ChaarCB

- Team Viper + Akshu - Team Name: RIP

- Team NX T8

- Team PewPew

- Team Rooter

Teams of four can register for the open qualifiers through the SoulCity server on Discord.

The exciting matches of the Indian GTA V Rumble Invitational will kick off at 6 PM, with four to six games each day. The first two matches will be streamed on both YouTube and Rooter, while the rest will be available exclusively on Rooter.

Additionally, creators exclusively associated with SoulCity will offer POV (Point of View) streams, allowing them to share their unique perspectives throughout the tournament.

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