T10 Sports Gains Trust: Expanding to International Cricket

Cricket must grow in order to become a globally recognized sport. And for that to happen we need more brands like T10 Sports to come forward and contribute to the rise of Associate Nations in the sport

Update: 2024-04-18 06:55 GMT

What is the first thing that you notice when you see your favourite player on screen during a match? Technically, it is always their jersey.

When jerseys are released for popular teams, there is usually a lot of excitement surrounding them, whether it is for national teams ahead of a World Cup or the start of a league like the IPL. Jerseys serve as more than mere attire; they embody the very essence of a team’s identity and heritage. Nowhere is this more evident than in cricket. From the iconic “baggy green” of Australia to the vibrant blue of India or the classic whites of England, each jersey tells a unique story, reflecting the team's journey. However, there is a gap in narrating this story for certain teams.

When it comes to the Associate Nations in cricket, there is very little scope to highlight these stories. With cricket trying to expand its fanbase globally, it is very important for these nations to do well, and it is even more important for companies to support these endeavours and contribute to the cause. T10 Sports' collaboration with Bahrain, Kuwait, and Vanuatu for the ACC Men's T20I Premier Cup 2024 in Oman and the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Qualifiers 2024 in Dubai is a primary example of how this revolution needs to be led!

Let’s take a look at some of these incredible journeys that these teams have been a part of:


Cricket gained popularity in Bahrain due to the large population of this cricket-playing nation. The Bahrain Cricket Association (BCA) was established to oversee the development of cricket in the country. They aimed to promote cricket in Bahrain and encourage the new generation to play the sport. Through training and diverse sports facilities, they enhanced sports compatibility, which helped them compete at the international level. BCA started their journey in the 1930s; however, in the 20th century, they achieved the highest hallmarks.

BCA designed a coaching plan to nourish their budding stars with the help of T10 Sports. Stylish sportswear with excellent breathability, and durability attracted BCA to collaborate with T10 Sports. One important consideration is affordability, which makes sure that those shopping for high-quality sportswear shouldn't be discouraged by the expense of it.


On the other hand, Kuwait has strong teams across all age groups, excellent facilities, strong domestic commercial support, competent management, and a strong ambition to be a lively part of the global cricket scene. The Kuwait Cricket Association (KCA) was created in 1996 and received its ICC affiliation in 2022. The association's primary attention was to the structure of local leagues and tournaments.

While KCA lacked infrastructure in the beginning, they were resolute. To transform sand into pitches and ambitions into realities, the Kuwait Cricket Board invested in cutting-edge stadiums. They later collaborated with T10 Sports to design their jerseys, providing premium sportswear with affordable pricing.

T10 Sports has played an active role in the development of cricket in both Bahrain and Kuwait by designing their jerseys and telling their stories. If a brand like T10 Sports, which is also affiliated with big IPL franchises like the Punjab Kings, steps forward to assist these nations, the teams’ recognition grows.

T10 Sports has also been associated with big IPL franchises like Punjab Kings

Both Bahrain and Kuwait are travelling to Oman for the ACC Men’s T20I Premier Cup in April, featuring the top eight teams from the ACC associate members, joined by two finalists from the Challenger’s Cup.


The Vanuatu Cricket Association (VCA), an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC), is currently ranked 28th in the Women’s T20I rankings. With the backing of the VCA and the ICC East-Asia Pacific Development Programme, Vanuatu played its first international series in 2011, organizing a tri-series against Fiji and the Australian state of New South Wales.

Things changed for the better in 2018 when the ICC granted full Women’s T20I status to all its members. Vanuatu were now playing matches with full WT20I status.

Despite the country's poor economic conditions, Vanuatu is granting cricket scholarships to youngsters so that they can balance academics and high-performance cricket. To fuel the enthusiastic team of Vanuatu, T10 Sports has designed their jerseys, giving them more motivation to perform at their best. The women’s team will be travelling to Dubai later this month for the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Qualifiers.

T10 Sports continues their mission to help teams wear their pride by providing premium sportswear to these Associate Nations in cricket. When it comes to the growth of a sport, both the players and the audience need to be taken care of. For the players, the excellent dry-fit and stretchable fabrics give them flexibility while playing the sport. On the other hand, stylish and affordable apparel makes it easier for the audience to wear these jerseys, go to the stadium, and support their teams. It is a symbiotic relationship when the audience turns up in great numbers and the players perform well as they get that extra dose of motivation. Efforts like these are extremely crucial to popularise a sport globally.

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