Akshay Moghal's path to Baseball stardom fueled by Baseball United

This is the inspiring journey of Akshay Moghal, a rising star in Indian baseball. Dive into his narrative, where setbacks become stepping stones, and the love for baseball transcends boundaries.

Update: 2023-11-22 07:09 GMT

Akshay Moghal's journey in the realm of baseball is more than a mere sports narrative; it's a chronicle of tenacity and passion. From the fields of Purushottam English School to the hallowed grounds of Lovely Professional University (LPU) and beyond, Akshay's journey reflects the diversity where he made use of every opportunity that came his way.

In the corridors of Purushottam English School, Akshay's journey took an unexpected turn when friends coaxed him away from cricket to try his hand at baseball. Recognizing his skills as a fielder, baseball became the main element in his life which was an unexpected breakthrough in his life.

As he transitioned to junior college, baseball's appeal deepened. It wasn't just about the game anymore; it was the allure of the stylish baseball attire that fueled Akshay's passion. This seemingly trivial attraction became a metaphor for the deeper commitment he was forming to the sport.

The turning point arrived during his senior college years when the enchanting clash between the Astros and Dodgers in the 2017 World Series captivated Akshay's imagination. Major League Baseball (MLB) became more than just a distant championship; it was the catalyst for increasing his interest in the game.

As the world grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, Akshay faced a pivotal moment. The cancellation of the AIU baseball tournament in 2020, coupled with personal losses, tested his resolve. Undeterred, he turned his home into a practice ground, using the challenging times as a crucible for his dedication.

The discovery of Lovely Professional University (LPU) marked a significant chapter in Akshay's journey. Learning about Coach Rakesh Sir and the sports scholarship LPU offered fueled his ambition. The dream of playing for the university and securing a sports scholarship became a beacon of motivation.

Akshay's persistence bore fruit when he secured a spot in the university team for the AIU baseball in 2021. Victories, including a gold medal in the Senior National Championship, increased his confidence on the field. The dream of LPU was not just achieved; it paved the way for national recognition.

A transformative moment occurred when Akshay connected with Baseball United. The prospect of playing in a professional league added a new layer of excitement to his journey. Coach Vishnu’s guidance became instrumental, providing insights into the skills required for a professional baseball player.

In the backdrop of every triumph and setback stands Akshay's family – the unsung heroes of his journey. Through setbacks and failures, his parents remained steadfast. His father's nocturnal companionship to matches and tournaments and his mother's ritual of preparing nourishing food and imparting good wishes were perfect examples of familial love and support.

Currently training under the watchful eye of Coach Rupesh in Mumbai, Akshay's aspirations have reached new heights. From setbacks to stardom, his journey symbolizes the victory of passion and perseverance in the challenging domain of Indian baseball.

Surrounded by seasoned players, including Robinson Cano, Didi Gregorius, and Alex Liddi, all with Major League Baseball experience, Akshay finds himself in a prime position as he proudly represents the United West All-Stars in the upcoming All-Star Showcase in Dubai. The Dubai All-Star Showcase is all set to take place on November 24th and 25th.

A heartfelt acknowledgment extends to Kash Shaikh, CEO, Chairman, and Majority Owner of Baseball United, and John Meidrich, Executive VP of Baseball Operations, for their invaluable efforts in providing elevated platforms for young talents to shine on the global stage.


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