Invite sent out for new IWL team, AIFF League Committee announces

The Committee recommended that bids be invited from interested parties to form a new Indian Women’s League team to make it 10 teams.

Update: 2024-05-28 16:31 GMT

Representative picture. (Photo Credit: AIFF)

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) League Committee recommended bids be invited from interested parties to form a new Indian Women's League (IWL) team and make the league a 10 team league.

Doing so will allow them to complete the league's quota of 90 games in a season, as per the recommendations of FIFA and AFC. 

The meeting was chaired by Deputy Chairperson of the League Committee, Mr. Arif Ali. AIFF Acting Secretary General, Mr. M Satyanarayan was also present for the meeting along with other office bearers. 

The Committee also discussed the revision to the entry fees of various leagues – I-League, I-League 2, I-League 3, IWL, IWL 2, Futsal Club Championship, Youth Leagues, and the Super Cup.

The League Committee discussed at length about ways to curb age cheating in the Youth Leagues.

They recommended that if a team is found to have three or more overaged players in their squad, and if any of the aforementioned players take part in any match, the result/results of the match/matches in question will be nullified and the team will stand disqualified from the tournament.

If less than three players are above the specified age limit, any match the players in question have participated in, will be awarded to the opponents with a 3-0 margin of victory, or retain the respective match result, whichever is greater.


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