Igor Stimac's shocking new revelations about Indian football!
On June 17, Stimac was sacked after India's 1-2 loss to Qatar and the side's elimination from the 2026 FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifiers.
On June 21, Stimac held a press conference and made several startling revelations about Indian football.
"I had big enemies because of my honesty. They (AIFF) wanted me out from the 1st day. They don't appreciate what you do. It was difficult to be honest (in Indian football)"
"They (AIFF) were more worried about their private interest and how they can enjoy their positions. Thats why Indian football suffers"
"One person of the technical committee should be with the team to see how we operate as a team and as a family. No one was there. Disappointing"
"Kalyan (President, AIFF) has no political power in India. Indian football needs someone with power and influence"
"The biggest success of AIFF in the last 4-5 years was keeping me quiet. I was issued warning letters and show cause letters"
"If we were not robbed against Qatar our team would still be in top-100 and qualified for the FIFA World Cup"
"These robberies didn't happen due to a bad coach. We played exciting and progressive football. Someone decided the end result"
"There are many poor things about ISL. It should be run by football people and not by cricket people. Without a relegation battle what kind of a competition is that"
"Not a big name coach you (India) can get. Everyone knows what kinds of things you have to deal in India. Only someone who is desperate for a job will come"
"India is the only place in the world where football is not growing and its inexplicable. Whoever is making decisions in Indian football is not doing the right thing"
"Indian football is in prison. Its a slow program and will take 2 decades to change and I don't see the change happening soon"
After Stimac's exit, the Indian men's football team now has no coach. And with finger's pointed at AIFF's administration, Indian football is in disarray and bleeding.