8 Best Rock Climbing Destinations in India
Author: Aryaki Daw
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Shey Rock, Jammu and Kashmir
The unique terrain has more than 20 bolted sports routes for you to reach the top to experience the breathtaking panoramic view of the mountains.
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Miyar Valley, Himachal Pradesh
A major part of the landscape is dotted with granite rocks and is a challenge for climbers which make it to the top of the list for international climbers too!
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Madhugiri, Karnataka
Located on the borders of Leh, this steep rock side valley and meadows offers a lot to its visitors as trekking, rock climbing, splendid views and much more.
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Pythal Mala, Kerala
As you climb the top of this serene hamlet located amid the lush greenery of Western Ghats., the observatory tower awaits for you to offer panoramic vistas of the surrounding region.
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Savandurga, Karnataka
Regarded as one of the biggest monolith hills in Asia, the luxurious granite hills render ideal rock climbing and rappelling terrains to climbers.
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Sar Pass, Himachal Pradesh
With snow scattered everywhere, the trails of Sar Pass are just perfect for the hardcore rock climbers.
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Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra
The place is rich in greenery and has some amazing waterfalls. Rock Climbing near Ajoba Hill Fort is quite sought after among travellers.
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