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Which online lottery gives you the best shot at winning?

Which online lottery gives you the best shot at winning?

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Published: 28 April 2020 7:12 AM GMT

You can now play at a whole host of different worldwide lotteries from the comfort of your own home. The advent of online lottery websites has made this possible. With so many lotteries to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which one you want to play, though. You may be stuck trying to choose from several options.

In many cases, players will opt to go for the lotteries which have the biggest jackpots. After all, it is only natural to go for that option if you’re playing a lottery game. However, the lotteries with the biggest jackpots often give players far less a chance of success of winning that top prize, than smaller lotteries. In this article, we will present you with some other options. All the following lotteries are deemed to be those which give you the best shot of winning and have been researched and verified by the online lottery experts at Lucky Dice.

A Note on Lotteries

It is important to make a note of a few things before we begin. Firstly, we have chosen lotteries which appear at most major lottery ticket websites. Secondly, all prizes have been displayed using British pound sterling as the currency. Finally, when we talk about the best shot of winning, we’re not talking about multi-million-pound jackpots here. Instead, we’re referring to a victory of any kind, no matter how small. With that in mind, let’s get started.

France’s Loto

France’s Loto is statistically the lottery which gives you the best chance of winning. Players who opt to play Loto have a 1 in 6 chance of success of winning something. The jackpot of France’s Loto tends to be fair and modest, averaging around the £15 million mark. While you have a 1 in 6 chance of success of winning something, the odds of you winning the jackpot are 1 in 19 million, which still isn’t too bad, compared to other lottos.

The UK National Lottery

The UK’s National Lottery does make our list as one of the lotteries which offer its players a decent chance of success. Rolling at number two, the UK National Lottery offers players a 1 in 9 win rate. The jackpot of the lottery often ranges from a few million pounds up to £20 million. While the odds of success on winning something in the lotto are fair (the lowest payout is a free ticket for two numbers), your chances of landing a jackpot windfall are 1 in 45 million.

Spain’s La Primitiva

Spain’s most famous lottery may be El Gordo, but it is their La Primitiva lotto which offers a better win rate. When playing La Primitiva, players have roughly a 1 in 10 chance of bagging a prize. The prizes in this lottery have been known to hit £25 million in the past, but on average tend to be worth far less, around the several million-pound mark. It is worth noting that your odds of success of pocketing the top prize in Spain’s main lottery are 1 in 31.6 million.

Austria’s Lottery

Austria’s primary lottery known simply as Österreichische Lotterien provides players with a tasty 1 in 12 chance of success, and that is not to be sniffed at. Although the lottery carries a tiny jackpot (compared to other lotteries), nobody would turn their nose up at its average £5 million prizes. Moreover, that is an exceedingly generous prize, given Austria’s small population. The odds of you landing said prize is a decent 1 in 8.1 million, which is undoubtedly appealing.

The Euro Millions

Surprisingly, the Euro Millions manages to make our list of the top five lotteries offering you the best chance of success. It is the only major prize paying lotto to feature here. On average, you’ve got a 1 in 13 chance of success of some kind or another. As you will no doubt be aware, top prizes often rise into the hundreds of millions of euros mark. How likely are you to land that top prize, though? While you have a 1 in 13 chance of any win, your odds on landing the big one is another story, sitting at 1 in 139.8 million.

What About Your Chances of Landing Jackpot Prizes?

We’ve looked at the top five lotteries offering you the best chance of success. But what about lotteries providing you with the best chance of a jackpot win? Major jackpot paying lottos such as the US Powerball go right out of the window. It can have prizes worth hundreds of millions, even over a billion. However, your odds of success are shockingly poor at 1 in 292 million, and the win rate of any kind is a poor 1 in 25.

We’re going to have to look to smaller jackpot lottos for decent chances of success. Poland’s Mini Lotto is one such option, and the Swedish Lotto another.

The Polish Mini Lotto may have petite cash prizes worth just £5-10 million but gives its players a 1 in 8.5m chance of success. This easily makes it your best chance of success if you want to win a multi-million-pound prize. When looking at the odds of bagging any win at all, though, the rate of success drops to 1 in 57, which is not remotely any good.

By contrast, the Swedish Lotto typically has prizes worth £15-20 million. You’ve got a 1 in 55 chance of winning a prize here, but a 1 in 1.67 million chance of success of bagging the jackpot. That is considerably more appealing.

Which Lottery Games Should I Play?

You have three different ways to go about playing lotteries online, and which option you go with is up to you. They include:

  • Playing lotteries with the biggest jackpots, but suffering the least likelihood of landing a jackpot prize
  • Playing lotteries with the best odds of landing any win, no matter how small
  • Playing lotteries which offer the best chances of landing a jackpot, but poor odds of success with smaller prizes

An ideal jackpot would provide you with all the above, but then everybody would win. Ultimately, it is down to you which option you go with. One thing is for sure, though; with online lottery sites, you’ve got plenty to choose from.

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