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The Best Cricket Competitions to Test your Skills

The Best Cricket Competitions to Test your Skills

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Published: 20 March 2019 4:10 PM GMT

Fantasy yourself as a cricket expert? Do you think you have what it takes to predict the outcome of big matches, manage virtual cricket teams and create your own squad of superstars?

Then these cricket competitions and games could be just what you need. These games will allow you to test yourself against fellow cricket fans in India and around the world, to plot a course to virtual stardom, and to win some real money (or virtual accolades) in the process.

OCB Competition

OnlineCricketBetting is a leading cricket portal offering tips, predictions, previews, results and more. It works with a host of tipsters in India and across Europe and attracts thousands of eager readers every match day with its on-point predictions.

In recent weeks it has been challenging those readers to match some of OCB’s own pundits with predictions of their own. The readers who make the best predictions can win sizable cash prizes every single season, and it’s completely free to enter.

You can join this cricket betting competition here. It takes a few minutes to signup and you don’t need to give them any sensitive data. It was seemingly created as a way to bring fans and pundits together and to introduce more people to the OCB community.

We’re also been told that they have plans to launch similar events and competitions in the future and have big things planned for their growing community of cricket fans.

OnlineCricketBetting, despite what the name suggests, is also big on other sports, covering the FIFA World Cup and other major events, so be sure to bookmark it and check back when you need advice on upcoming matches and tournaments.

Fantasy Cricket

Daily fantasy sports are huge in the United States and over the last few years they have been steadily making their way across to India, with the biggest American companies now getting involved via Indian subsidiaries.

The fantasy sports market is one of the biggest in the country right now and it’s still growing at a rate of knots, with more prizes, more opportunities, more leagues, and more players than ever.

The concept is simple, you create a team from cricket stars that you choose yourself and then you pit that team against others. You can win real prizes and you can also win plenty of bragging rights amongst friends, family and colleagues.

There are multiple fantasy sport providers to choose from, each with their own unique approach and a varied selection of league and features. The biggest ones in India right now include:

  • HalaPlay

  • PlayFantasy

  • BalleBaazi

  • MyTeam11

  • Dream11

  • StarPick

Cricket Management Games

There are management sims for all sports these days, with Football Manager being the biggest and the most iconic, followed by Triple A titles based on Motor Racing, Rugby and American Football.

Cricket management sims are a little behind and there has yet to be a Triple A title, but the demand is increasing and if it continues we could see one hit the shelves very soon. In the meantime there are many mobile games and online games created by indie developers, including Stumped!, Cricket Championship, and From the Pavilion.

One of our personal favorites, although it’s a little old, is Michael Vaughan’s Championship Cricket Manager. It was released back in 2001, but it has become somewhat of a rarity, mainly because there have been very few competing titles released since.

Although dated, the game is the closest you can get to owning your own cricket team and helping them through the ranks. There are over 2,000 cricketers on the database (the game box claims that these are “current”, but it’s worth noting that this was 18 years ago!) and there are also 125 teams to choose from.

You won’t see the IPL here and you won’t see any modern players either, but names and licenses aside, this game is a fantastic to see how you would perform as the owner and manager of a cricket club.
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