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Online gambling in India

Online gambling in India

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Published: 11 Sep 2020 7:50 AM GMT

India and Gambling share a relationship that started hundreds and thousands of years ago. This is the reason why the lottery is legal in some Indian states. It is a big thing, and it deserves our attention because it is still banned in some areas. However, that isn't enough to keep Indians away from this indulging sport.

Indians manage to keep their knots tied to gambling, somehow.

The fact that there are no laws that make online gambling an illegal activity in India is such a relief to the gambling lovers of India. It is probably the only thing that brings them happiness and joy in the markets where gambling is restricted. They can easily take respite on the internet and gamble to their heart's content.

While the online way of this sport is still in its developing stages, we can say that its speed is satisfactory. People know about it, and they are willing to talk about it. That is nothing less than a good sign. On that note, let's discuss the past, the present, and the future of gambling in India.

Where it all began with the notion of “lottery is legal in some Indian states”

Like we mentioned before, gambling has its roots deep down the lands of India. In fact, it has been mentioned a lot of times in a lot of Indian mythological scriptures.

For instance, we have the legendary Ramayana, which is said to be written in the early 7300 BC. We also have the epic Mahabharata, a significant part of which is based on gambling.

We can't help but mention that gambling has been seen in different lights in both of these Hindu holy books.

  • The Ramayana portrays it in a relatively fun and casual manner.
  • In Mahabharata, gambling has been the playground for destruction.

While there is a lot of a grey area to be covered, we would like to state that both of these references have their philosophical significance. It has a lot to do with the good and the evil.

There is no proof that gambling originated out of Ramayana or Mahabharata, especially when both of these are religious scriptures.

In recent history, which sounds like a paradox in itself, there has been a lot of European influence in the world of Indian gambling. With Cricket coming into play, Indians started taking a lot of interest in sports betting, which makes a significant part of the total gambling that goes on in India.

What it is like now

Before we dive into the current scenario of gambling in India, it is essential that we mentioned how the Indian government welcomed gambling in the country. To put it simply, it didn't. Gambling has been pretty much banned in a significant part of India ever since the monarchy system ended.

To add our two cents, we would say that the restrictions were only fair.

Coming back to the present, gambling remains to be banned in a large part of India. People continue to play it anyway. They are very much prone to instant police arrest but to each their own. That is the case of both urban and rural India; no line of difference is drawn there.

However, the new India, that has access to electronic gadgets with internet connections, wants to play it safe, quite literally. The aware ones know that gambling is illegal in India, but online gambling isn't.

So, it's pretty much self-understood what they do. They settle for online gambling, which is just as fun, minus the risk of being caught and beaten by the cops. Online gambling is emerging in India, slowly but steadily. We can already see its bright future.

How is it going to be

By the looks of it, we can say that online gambling is going to be a hit in India.

This is mainly because of the rising awareness of smart devices. Over the past few years, we have witnessed a great hike in the sale of smartphones. People are embracing the internet and its virtual world with open arms. There are barely any social media platforms where you won't find Indians.

We don't intend to say that as a joke. It is only right. If you don't believe us yet, we would beg you to take a look.

  • On that note, we can't help but mention how social media has given online gambling the boost it needed. There are so many ads and promotions that trigger the user to check out the trending poker sites. They are attractive, no questions asked.
  • Another reason why online gambling will stick with India and Indians in the future is the high population of upper-middle-class people. They won't leave a chance to earn more money, given the condition of the Indian economy.
  • The last and the most important reason that will help sustain online gambling in India is the absence of the laws restricting it.


Now, you know all that there is to know about the marriage between gambling and India share. It was perfect. Everyone was enjoying it. However, all good things must come to an end, but India and gambling were not quite ready for a separation. They knew that they would both sink without each other.

So, they did what smart people do. They emerged from their ashes. Quitting was never an option, which is why they took the help of the powerful internet and gave birth to online gambling. It is an even stronger alliance that India and it's love for gambling made.

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