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New transfers for Real

New transfers for Real

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Published: 6 Sep 2018 2:28 PM GMT
Tomorrow will see the announcement of the UEFA decision regarding the situation with violation of fair play rules by PSG. The decision on the financial trial is highly expected by representatives of Real. Thus, depending on the conclusion concerning the Parisians, there will or won’t be a very convenient opportunity, which the club will try to seize. So, if PSG will need to stabilize its financial balance, it will be forced to sell Neimar. It is worth recalling that Madrid is interested in the Brazilian. For this reason, fans should expect an important transfer, which will influence the tactics of the team in the future.
In addition, there is a high probability of another outcome of the situation. UEFA may decide to impose restrictions on PSG transfers. In this case, the club will have to abandon the forward Kylian Mbappe, who will return to Monaco. In this case, Real is also interested in buying the player. Fans of real madrid can follow the new achievements of the team at the convenient website, where they can find broadcasts of all important sports events.

Alonso Transfer

Moreover, Madrid is interested in buying Marcos Alonso. At the moment he plays for Chelsea, but the club chose not to disclose the price on the player. Thus, the transfer can cost around 30 million Euro. In addition to Real, Atletico is also interested in buying Alonso. Such a great demand is explained by the following factors:
  1. His great potential: at the end of the season Alonso became a member of a symbolic team of the League.
  2. With this transfer Real will get a chance to find a replacement for Theo Hernandez, who was a fill-in for Marcelo.
  3. Atletico can use Alonso as an alternative to Luis. It is worth recalling that there is a chance for his sale, so the club needs to find an equivalent replacement.
In addition, there is still a chance he will play for Chelsea. In this case, both clubs are interested in this transfer in the next season. Moreover, there isn’t any possibility for Chelsea to find a replacement for Alonso, as the transfers for the club are already closed. Fans can follow live football match via the reliable website, which offers the most interesting events in the sports world!
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