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More winnings with 1xBet bonus

Press Releases

Published: 20 March 2020 1:08 PM GMT

The fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson is the most anticipated event in the UFC this spring. The excitement around the match has been heating up for about six months and everyone has heard about this rivalry. Therefore, it would be the best for you to take advantage of the 1xBet bonus offer and get some extra cash to your deposit.

The fighters are preparing for the clash all day long, Khabib writes that nothing exists for him outside the gym now. The match couldn’t be organized for about 5 years, as the fighter from Dagestan had problems in 2015 and 2017, and Ferguson was in the same situation in 2016 and 2017. The year of 2020 brings us a totally different threat in the form of a global pandemic, but the UFC leadership and the managers of the fighters assure that it won’t interfere with holding the match on schedule.

At the moment, both fighters have a streak of twelve wins in a row, so this fight will also determine whether Khabib will be the best fighter in the UFC, regardless of weight category. The athlete says: “Ferguson is my strongest opponent of all time,” which only gives him more motivation. The match promises to be very exciting, and if you want to increase your interest even further, you can bet on any of the outcomes together with the 1xBet bonus.

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The press conference of the fighters just couldn’t pass without incidents and provocations. Khabib made unflattering remarks about the American fighter, but the climax came when the Dagestani kicked Tony's champion belt, which he left on the floor, and that almost became a catalyst for the conflict at the conference, but fortunately, nothing happened. Although such moments only confirm Khabib’s serious intentions to beat the American and leave him no chance to become a champion and the best athlete in the organization. And you can make the best live bets during matches using 1xBet live.

Let’s look at the results of Ferguson’s recent fights:

  • Ferguson - Cerrone (Ferguson wins – knockout / technical knockout);
  • Ferguson - Pettis (Ferguson wins – knockout / technical knockout);
  • Ferguson - Lee (Ferguson wins – knockout / technical knockout)

You can see that each statistics contains Tony’s successful strikes, and the reach of his arms helps him with this, as it counts almost two meters. This can be a serious danger for Khabib, who has a scale of a little more than 1.70 m and prefers to spend as little time as possible in the stance trying to relocate his opponent to the ground, and you should take this into account before placing a bet on live events using 1xBet live.

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