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Making money with sports betting - is it possible?

Making money with sports betting - is it possible?

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Published: 12 Aug 2020 2:05 PM GMT

Regardless of the sport, sports betting has always been hand in hand with enjoying the sport itself. Despite its illegal state in India, sports betting has been in a grey zone for decades. Everyone knows it is happening, people are engaging in it and yet the outdated laws put it in an illegal position within India. However, as global online companies have found their way to India, sports betting is now easier than ever before. Operating abroad, the laws do not apply to foreign operators.

Bets are most often placed right before the match or during it to make the game that much more exciting. Placing a small bet on your favorite team may even seem like a supporting act towards the team. However, playing to earn is a totally different story. It may seem absurd, but some have earned very well on this seemingly fun way of gambling based on luck.

Do not base your bets on emotions

Emotions are not knowledge. Knowledge is power in sports betting, meaning that placing bets on your favorite team will not take you towards winning some cash necessarily. All bets should be placed on a sport you know everything about, and this includes knowing detailed information about the individual players, recent changes in team, the coach, recent success, everything. Statistics are helpful in this and luckily there are various ways to find up to date statistics on nearly any sport online.

Analyze bookmakers - Choose wisely where to play

Newsflash - the odds are not the same among bookmakers! Many fall to the convenience of betting at one provider only. It seems simple, no need to register new accounts and the odds seem to be good. But truth to be told, the last one is not always right. There is a fierce competition among the providers and some will tweak their odds to attract players. Now, although one can go overboard with bookmaker shopping, it definitely is beneficial to be a bit less loyal to one provider.

Consider whether other casino activities are something to enjoy. Many great bookmakers nowadays are not only providing sports betting but also having slot machines and live casino games like the popular Indian card game Andar Bahar, available. Although these games are mostly based on luck, it may be beneficial to find sites where everything is at one place.

Become an expert in a niche sport

Most think about soccer or cricket when considering placing bets. There is nothing wrong with that - if cricket is truly the sport you know everything about then definitely stick with it. However, adventuring to niche sports or markets may give an advantage if there is enough willpower to learn it throughout at first. Bookmakers want to provide variety in order to attract players but their information is not always up to date with niche sports or markets. Becoming an expert in, let's say, e-sports or boxing may be one way to make that quick buck!

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