Monday, September 28, 2020
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Home Tennis Interview: Divij Sharan on regaining the Indian No.1 men's doubles ranking

Interview: Divij Sharan on regaining the Indian No.1 men’s doubles ranking

Divij Sharan had a great run last week to reach the finals at the ATP 250 BMW Open in Munich. We caught up with Divij briefly to get his thoughts on the run in Munich, on regaining the No.1 ranking, the partnership with Marcelo Demoliner and his thoughts on the run-up to the French Open.

Thoughts on the final

Tough match for us. It has been a great run for us to win the 3 matches and make it to the finals. It was my first clay court ATP 250 final.

We had a good start to the match with a break-up early. However, they were able to break back and were returning really well, especially on my serves. I had also missed a few volleys which is usually my strength. It was a close match but credit to our opponents as they played really well.

It’s tough but I’ll see the positive side of things. The final is a good result and I’ll keep working hard to continue the momentum.

The weather conditions – Sun, Rain & Snow

It was interesting as I had not played in such cold conditions outdoors. Usually, when it is this cold, we play indoors but I think I managed pretty well.

It was cold and got much slower. But I was well prepared and didn’t really affect my game. We had a couple of good matches where we sometimes had to play through the rain.

I enjoyed myself here. It was good tourney – it would have been ideal if it was a bit warmer but the way the things were organized, it was really good.

On regaining the Indian No.1 ranking

I was there before but it does feel nice. However, the more important thing is to rise up in the world rankings as that is what matters the most.

I’ll keep working on my serve, my overall game and just keep getting better to make the necessary improvements.

Thoughts on the partnership with Marcelo

It’s been great. We’ve played about 3-4 tourneys now. We are working together and getting better week-by-week.

Next Tournaments

I am taking the next week off and then will try to find someone for Rome. Then I am playing Lyon and after that, the French Open.


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