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4 reasons why online casinos will continue to grow after the pandemic

The online gambling industry has grown significantly ever since online casinos first sprang up in the mid to late 1990s. Back then, the industry had nowhere near the safety and regulation levels that have since come into force. Even before the pandemic, payers were drifting away from physical casinos to their online counterparts – Covid19 helped accelerated this effect.

4 reasons why online casinos will continue to grow after the pandemic

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Updated: 2021-08-19T11:19:36+05:30

Lockdowns, social distancing, insecurities, closed venues, all these things have encouraged people to stay at home. As such, other forms of entertainment were sought out, and online gambling was one of them. Many have found that betting at the best online casino offers all of the thrills as a bricks and mortar establishment, but with several key benefits not available offline.

Comfortable gambling:

There is a reason why things like banking, shopping, dating, and gambling are increasingly taking place online. The simple reason is that it is so much more convenient. Online casinos can be accessed at any time of the day, wherever players have internet coverage. This could be at home, standing in a queue, travelling to work on public transport – there is no limit to their accessibility.

On top of this is the fact players do not have to plan for a big night out. There is no need to gather friends, put on good clothes, or be obliged to eat or drink at the casino. Online gamblers do not need to wear face masks or engage in social distancing, making online casinos an attractive proposal. Now that many have discovered these benefits during the pandemic, it may be hard going back to traditional gambling methods after having it so easy.


Gambling at home means players have total control over their environment. There are no rowdy patrons, and your favourite table game or video slot is always available to play. When it comes to online gambling, the real kicker is just how safe and secure modern casinos are. Legislation has played a critical role here. Regulators like the MGA or UKGC lay out strict rules for online casinos to follow.

Stipulations include independent testing of games to prove they are fair, as well as robust anti-money laundering measures, age restrictions, and encryption software to protect players and their personal information. It all adds up to gambling that's as safe, if not more so, online than off.

Easy to take part:

Modern online casinos like offer platforms that are easy to use no matter what sort of device players prefer. Mobile apps, optimised websites, and cross-platform access mean however you wish to play, the options are there. Signing up takes moments, and deposits are near-instantaneous in many cases. A suite of tools are available to help keep the betting in check, which may not be available at a physical casino.

Another fantastic benefit of gambling online is the huge range of promotions and offers being flung at players. The online gambling business is hugely competitive, which has resulted in an arms race of welcome offers. Signing up means bonus cash, free spins, golden chips, VIP programs, in other words, a wealth of extra goodies few offline casinos can replicate.

Crypto gambling:

As well as an uptick in online gambling, the pandemic saw a huge interest in investing – particularly in cryptocurrencies. The value of Bitcoin, for example, skyrocketed to unprecedented levels making fortunes in the process. Cryptocurrencies' various qualities make them ideal for online gambling such as anonymity, swift payments, and low fees as crypto crosses international borders with ease. Crypto is notoriously volatile but possesses a host of benefits that many players appreciate when it comes to gambling online.

Online casinos set for further growth:

A cohort of gamblers discovered how convenient, safe, and easy it was to play at online casinos during the pandemic. Interest has remained high, and mixing in the currencies of the future – crypto, means online casinos are set for further growth as much of the world unwinds from widespread lockdowns and gets back to normal.

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