Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Shailesh Kumar: Meet India’s fastest wheelchair half-marathoner

Source: Redbull
During his early teenage years, he had always evinced a great deal of interest in sports. Then, during a normal game of football on what seemed like an ordinary day in a small village of Gaya district in Bihar, nobody had the slightest idea that his life would change forever. Not all are born great, there are rare few...

Meet Namrata Joshipura, the supermom fashion designer who is a dedicated marathoner

Namrata Joshipura
Namrata Joshipura is a well-known name in India's fashion circuit but it is not the only identity she is known for. Mother of one, she realised how much fitness and being healthy matters to her when she returned from New York with her daughter, who by the way, is also a horse rider. Namrata was a part of Delhi's hockey...

Whatever I’m today, whatever I’ll be tomorrow, will be for running: Raina Solanki

Image: Instagram / Raina Solanki
A Pinkathon ambassador since 2017, Raina is a huge advocate that anyone can run and race, no matter their age, insisting that people just need to try.

When you run marathons, you are there all alone, says Ankita Gaur

Image: Instagram / Ankita Gaur
If you have been putting off running a marathon for a while and cannot find motivation for it, then look nowhere beyond the 35-year-old runner Ankita Gaur. From gaining subsequent weight to becoming a marathoner, Ankita is a huge advocate that anyone can run and race, no matter their age, insisting that people just need to try. “It is...

‘I’m a 48-year-old mother and I’m still running’, nothing is impossible for Smita Kulkarni

Image: Facebook / Smita Kulkarni
Remember your mother can break records too, told a marathoner once. Suffice to say that I was too delighted in the idea that all I had to do was break some chinaware, anywhere in the house, with a seemingly loud crash. That must have got you thinking? That’s how our mothers are. If they have their hearts set on...

This 42-year-old quit corporate sector to run 3 World Marathon Majors

Image: Facebook / Reeti Sahai
If you are in need of some inspiration to lace up those running shoes and get a jog in before the day is over, you should certainly look no further than Delhi-based Reeti Sahai. In 2010, all of 32, Sahai made a choice that would impact the rest of her life. A successful entrepreneur, Reeti registered for her maiden...

Bodybuilder Ankita Singh is bashing all taboos to shatter the gender stereotypes

Ankita Singh
There inevitably comes a point in life that makes you stop, take a pause and see things around you differently. More than often, these moments are born out of difficult situations which make you see reality from a different perspective and urge you orient attention towards your mental and physical health. For bodybuilder and bikini model Ankita Singh, it...

Nagar Rising Half Marathon 2020: An adventure like no other

Over recent years, marathons have seen tremendous growth in participation across all Indian cities -- from smaller ones to the metros joining in to glorify the marathons’ trend. Most often, running a marathon holds a prime spot on the wishlist for many with the growing consciousness about fitness and good health. Since its inception in 2015, the...

Nagar Rising Half Marathon concludes with Sanit Bhuker emerging as 21K winner

Nagar Marathon
With a vision to spread the message of fitness across all age-groups of the society, the sixth edition of the Maximus Nagar Rising Half Marathon was held on February 2 in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. The event saw a huge turnaround with enthusiastic participants coming from various parts of India. The marathon panned out across...

Anjali Saraogi wins Kolkata Full Marathon 2020 for third straight year

IDBI Kolkata Marathon
Kolkata’s Anjali Saraogi stamped her authority at the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Kolkata Full Marathon yet again, as she won the race for the third time on the trot on Sunday here at the iconic Rangers Ground. The 46-years-old who is also India’s fastest 100k female runner posted a time of 03:24.02 to...