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Warmup and Cooldown - Two factors that can make or break your workout

Warmup and Cooldown - Two factors that can make or break your workout
Warming up before doing any cardiovascular exercise routines is of utmost importance.

Suraj Iyer

Published: 4 Sep 2020 6:29 AM GMT

The holy trinity of cardio – running, cycling and swimming are the most common choices that people make when it comes to keeping fit or starting out in exercise. Endurance activities i.e. activities performed for a significant period of time at low intensities have found to burn fat and kick-start weight loss among overweight and obese individuals. Cardio enhances heart function, improves functioning of cardiovascular system and lowers risk of coronary heart diseases and reduces risk of blood pressure and diabetes. However, warm-up and cooldown are two important aspects that many neglect completely when starting out into cardiovascular training. These are essential factors necessary to make progress.


Warming up before performing any exercise activities is of utmost importance. Many fitness enthusiasts know that a proper warm-up can help in making significant progress in every workout. A good warm-up before performing any workout should slowly elevate the heart rate to the tempo of the exercise. HIIT workouts result in higher heart rates which is why it is necessary to introduce the body to it eventually rather than a sudden spike. Joint mobility, stretching and mild cardiovascular activity that raise the heart rate in a steady and controlled manner are key components to a good warm-up. This can help prevent cramps in runners, cyclists and swimmers and allow efficiency.

A cooldown routine is the essential finishing touch to any workout.


A cooldown routine is the essential finishing touch to any workout. Muscles worked during the cardiovascular activities go through inflammation which gives them a toned and tighter appearance after the workout. It is necessary to provide stress relief and relaxation to the muscle after the workout. This can be done by stretching the entire body and slowly bringing the heart rate back down. A cooldown can reduce the amount of soreness faced the day after an intense workout. Static stretches which are part of a cooldown increase flexibility and range of motion. This can aid in future workouts.

Exercise is one of the healthiest additions to a sedentary, urban lifestyle. When combined with a warm-up and a cooldown at the beginning and end of a workout, it can lead to significant progress and decreased risk of injury.

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