Players Speak

Mehuli Ghosh

Medal or not, here I come | By Mehuli Ghosh

All that matters is how I perform, how high my score is. I know what I am capable of. I have accepted it. This is how I find motivation.
VK Vismaya Athletics

We work hard for medals yet people don’t know about us | V.K. Vismaya

V.K. Vismaya is India’s most improved woman sprinter this year and she shares her journey with The Bridge.

No longer the ‘underdogs’ | By Arshpreet Bhullar

"I never really liked when someone said ‘India are the underdogs in this tournament.’ It kind of feels like we just got lucky," Arshpreet says.

Father’s death bereaved me but couldn’t stop me from playing for India | By Meerarani Hembram

'I still remember the disbelief I faced when I showed up as a rugby player.'

I kept telling myself, cancer can’t deter my spirit | By Shivani Charak

Shivani is part of a new generation of women showing their mettle in sports.

Had I played cricket, I would have been in a better place | By Anitha Pauldurai

India’s most experienced women’s basketball player, and former captain of Indian women’s national basketball team Anitha Pauldurai narrates her journey.

‘This guy? He can’t do it.’ Well, I can and I did | By Taher Merchant

Taher Merchant is an ultra-runner who became the first Indian male to finish the Tenzing Hillary Everest Extreme Ultra-marathon in 2018.

Athletes who qualified for Tokyo 2020 Olympics will keep their spots for 2021 games

The IOC and international sports federations held a teleconference on March 26 where it was decided to respect the qualification process.