Monday, January 25, 2021
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Home Extreme Sports 9-yr-old daredevil scales new height by climbing Africa's tallest peak

9-yr-old daredevil scales new height by climbing Africa’s tallest peak

Climbing sheer rock walls, steep couloirs, and craggy peaks seem to be no easy feat and can be onerous, now imagine a nine-year-old taking up a similar venture. Advait Bhartia did the unthinkable when he recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. This was a dream come true for little Advait who reached the peak of Kilimanjaro after trekking for seven long days. 

Do you know an Indian kid has established another record of climbing the top of #UhuruPeak? Advait Bhartiya from Pune, India has reached the top of #MountKilimanjaro in just 9 years old just in 7 days.

Posted by Ascend Tanzania on Monday, August 19, 2019

It was no cakewalk for young Advait to climb a peak with a height of 4,900m as he went through robust training for months. The nine-year-old Advait stuck by a stringent routine every day to fulfill his dream of climbing the Kilimanjaro. But he is no stranger to achieving something of this level. He grabbed eyeballs when he climbed the Mount Everest base camp at a tender age of six. Under the supervision of his expedition leader Samir Patham, Advait completed the arduous trek journey over the course of seven days. 

“This trek was really difficult but fun at the same time. When I was summitting (sic) the Everest Base Camp, we were living in wooden houses but during the Kilimanjaro trek, we stayed in tents and it was a good experience being exposed to snow and the surroundings,” Advait told PTI. 

He was accompanied by his mother, Payal Bhartia on this trek. But she had to cut short of her journey at 1,000 feet due to severe climate extremity. Little Advait now, however, has his eyes set on the famous Mount Elbrus in Europe. 


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