Hima Das: Assam’s daughter who sprinted her way to become nation’s pride

Assam to Australia is quite a journey. 18 year old Hima Das hails from a remote Assam village and had no clue about anything called the Commonwealth Games. But two years later, she clocked 23.59s for a 200m run and became the second fastest junior sprinter in the world.

Daughter of a rice farmer, Hima trained in the rice fields of Dhing Village and shot to fame as the country’s 400m champion.  She won gold in the 400m race of the Federation Cup and had earned herself a spot in the Commonwealth Games.

While Hima Das has realised at the CWG are and how it is the highest point in her career yet, to her mother it is still quite a mystery. But the fact that she might be on TV was proof enough that it probably isn’t a bad thing.

Hima turned heads when she exceeded the already minimal expectations that rested on her at the Junior National Championships in Coimbatore. To help her from falling into obscurity, she was brought to Guwahati to train. Things have not been the same since.

Hima Das is only one of many athletes, who grew up from nothing to become the nation’s pride. This Commonwealth Games, give them the support that they deserve.