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Why NBA players love casinos

Why NBA players prefer to spend their time gambling. A list of leading athletes who do not hide their passion for gambling.

Why NBA players love casinos

The Bridge Desk

Updated: 23 Jan 2023 7:40 AM GMT

Many people love to gamble. This entertainment format allows you to feel the sometimes necessary adrenaline and becomes an opportunity to earn extra money. Not only ordinary people like to visit casinos. Athletes are also frequent guests of such establishments. Among the stars of the NBA, there are also ardent fans of this entertainment format. For many athletes, the opportunity to place bets or spend time at the poker table becomes a source of additional income.

Below, we will discuss the most liked NBA players who have a passion for gambling and do not hide their passion.

Gambling and Casino Bonuses Online

While some players spend time in land-based casinos, others prefer to visit virtual gambling establishments. The popularity of online casinos is due to several factors. Here, players can access numerous gambling entertainment in different categories. The possibility of betting on various limits is also available. Other advantages of playing online casino for gamblers include:

  • Large selection of ways to deposit and withdraw money;
  • Additional bonuses and rewards are available;
  • You can run slots and other games in demo mode.

Gambling in Land-Based Casinos

Many NBA players prefer to visit land-based casinos and spend time at the tables with card and table games. Here they can personally participate in the game and make larger bets.

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European, American, and other casinos often provide their services on the territory of massive complexes. In addition to the gambling zone, swimming pools, hotels, restaurants, SPA centers, etc. Major players in the NBA have their advantages in such establishments. The administration typically offers them the opportunity to rent a hotel room for free, and provides access to free food and drinks. It is not surprising that many fans of gambling among basketball players prefer physical casinos.

Why NBA Players Love Gambling

There are several reasons why professional athletes love to gamble at the casino:

  • Risking your money comes with the same adrenaline as winning a basketball game;
  • Many athletes see gambling as an additional way to make money;
  • Athletes are competitive people innately. Gambling can be an additional way to compete with other people between championships.

NBA Gambling Players

Some basketball players enjoy basketball-themed gambling and regularly visit casinos in their leisure time:

  1. Shawn Marion. The player has already completed his career in the NBA. He became famous in basketball due to his versatility and organization of tenacious defense near the basket. The athlete was part of the Phoenix Suns team. In 2005, it was this team that became the NBA finalist. The end of his sports career led to the fact that Shawn Marion began to look for another hobby. He found himself in card games. A basketball player can often be at poker and blackjack tables in land-based casinos.
  2. Shaquille O'Neal. The most famous NBA basketball player admitted to being an ardent fan of gambling. He finds such entertainment quite fun. Not all games add up for Shaquille O'Neal. One of the visits to the casino ended with him losing the amount of 200 thousand dollars in just one night.
  3. Charles Barkley. Another one of the NBA players loves to spend his free time gambling. A book was released under the authorship of the player. In it, he talks about his passion for gambling. Charles Barkley considers visiting a casino (like PlayAmo) a great way to spend time, chat, and have fun with your friends.
  4. Seth Curry. A professional basketball player who currently plays for the Brooklyn Nets. In sports circles, he is also known as the brother of NBA star Stephen Curry. Seth Curry does not start gambling for money. He considers such leisure a great way to spend time. The basketball player prefers to visit ground-based gaming establishments. It can often be found in Las Vegas and Los Angeles casinos. It is worth noting that The Bike Casino in Los Angeles attracts many famous athletes.
  5. Michael Jordan. The most famous player in the entire existence of the NBA also experiences a passion for gambling. An athlete prefers to bet on sports. And he plays at high limits. Interestingly, Michael Jordan bets not only on other athletes but also himself. The biggest bet is $100,000 on the Super Bowl. Michael Jordan can also be found at the dice and roulette tables.
  6. J R Smith. The NBA player visits land-based casinos, spending a lot of time at the poker table. The basketball player also admits that when visiting gambling establishments, he seeks to play a bit of everything. Smith notes that significant losses accompany gambling for him, but this does not stop him.
  7. Antoine Walker. According to the player, his passion for gambling was passed on to him by his teammate and friend Michael Jordan. For Antoine Walker, gambling became a real problem – in 2006, he was forced to file for bankruptcy after he lost most of his money in the casino.

(Source: images.actionnetwork)

Gambling is in demand among many NBA players. Whether an ordinary athlete or a professional basketball player, you can experience new sensations and exciting leisure time in the casino. Whether you are looking for a fun way to spend your income or are looking for a new hobby, online casinos can be a great option.

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