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Cricket Odds – Tournament or series winner vs match by match bets

Whether you bet on a match or a series, or on the forthcoming T20 Men's Cricket World Cup in Australia in 2022, the winner will always be Cricket.

Cricket Odds – Tournament or series winner vs match by match bets

The Bridge Desk

Published: 13 May 2021 8:23 AM GMT

Cricket – The World

Cricket is a sport ingrained in the fabric of the top cricketing nations of the world. A religion in India, an enthusiastic supporter base in England especially since they are the current world champions, a somewhat boisterous but passionate supporter in Australia, evergreen as ever in New Zealand and South Africa, they all come together during a series between these countries or a World Cup.

Add into those ingredients the minnows of the cricketing world to add some spice, and you can understand why cricket is loved the world over. The minnows are enthusiastically supported by their countrymen (think Bangladesh and Ireland in those epic world cup encounters) and the god-like status the Indian players enjoy in their country (think Tendulkar in his prime, and now Kohli his modern-day equivalent).

World Cup and Series Betting Odds - Holistic

Uk Bookmakers such as bet365 and others will price up on a Test/One Day International/T20 series between two nations well in advance of the series. They will study historical form, current form, injuries to any of the team's prominent players, and where they are currently on the world rankings. They will then price up for the series, and depending on how much money is wagered on those prices, they will adjust the prices accordingly. Once the first ball of the series is bowled, the bookmakers will then switch to in-play odds, where they will adjust the prices on the series according to how well or poorly the two teams are doing.

The same scenario will apply to the World Cup, where the odds will be published months before the tournament starts and then adjusted as teams play regular friendlies leading up to the tournament. Once the tournament starts, then the tournament winner odds will be adjusted as teams start playing round-robin matches and teams start being eliminated from the tournament.

World Cup and Series Betting Odds – Match by Match Odds

Within these series and tournaments, we have individual matches. These matches have their individual betting odds, which are priced up before the match begins. Once the match has started, then the game moves into "in play" betting, This betting provides the person placing the bet with many options to place an individual or multiple bet. The bets that are the most popular on the betting sites are as follows.

· Match Betting – Which team will win the match. The odds on the better team when they play a weaker team will be quite skinny on the betting boards but when the two strong teams play each other that is when the person placing the bet will find value.

· Top Bowler/Top Batsman – Bookmakers will price up for these betting markets for both sides, and if you do your form study, you can glean value on these markets as well, or if you are confident of a good bet in these markets, you can add this to a multiple.

· Method of Dismissal – Bookmakers will price how the batsmen that are currently at the wicket will lose their wicket. There is an element of luck involved in these types of bets (all bets do but you can reduce that risk factor by studying the form of the teams) but at certain times you can receive very good value for your in-play bets.

· Toss Combination – This is a combination bet where you have to not only have to select the team that will win the toss but you also select whether you think the captain of the team winning the toss will decide to bat or bowl. Here also you can form study, as some captains prefer to bat first, some prefer to bowl first (Kohli for India), and sometimes, for inexplicable reasons, some captains just cannot win the toss, and others just seem to call the coin toss the correct way.

· Bowler or Batsman match bets – One of my favourite bets, but unfortunately, there are a limited amount of bookmakers that offer this bet. It's quite straightforward, as the bookmaker offers odds on two batsmen or bowlers, who will either make the most runs in the match or take the most wickets. You will require to do some form study, add a dollop of intuition, and add an element of luck. It is a fun bet and can add some valuable bank to your sports betting account if you put money on the right player.


Cricket is a game that is played at many different levels. From the lower league levels to the provincial cricketer, from those who show promise and are being groomed for greatness, to those that have already achieved that greatness and play for their country, to the players that top the world rankings past and current. It is watched by millions across the globe, either on television or streamed on social media. It is loved and understood by many, and matches are bet on by even more.

You can wager money on a basic betting option, or a more complicated strategy. You can engineer a multiple bet, which will enable you to win more money for a relatively smaller outlay but then your risk factor will increase. Whether you bet on a match or a series, or on the forthcoming T20 Men's Cricket World Cup in Australia in 2022, the winner will always be Cricket.

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