WATCH: Dutee Chand keeps her fitness game strong amid lockdown


This is called as Pull-Up. A great exercise for upper body, which you can do at home. They’re great at helping your arms, back, and core look fantastic. This involves a large number of big and small muscles, mostly latissimus dorsi and biceps. Watch Dutee Chand undergoing rigorous training in this video.

Pull-Up also work as multiple joint movements, basically it helps more than one joints to move. During a Pull-Up your shoulder, elbows and wrists all angles changes.

To do this, you should use a pronated (overhand) grip and draw your should blades together and down to start the exercise. After that pull your self up towards the bar and then down.

By doing this exercise, it will help in improving your functional strength and also will strengthen the relationship between your nervous and muscular system. It also reduces the back pain by strengthening your back and core muscles, which also will help you achieving a better posture.