Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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This a basic training for the footballers and amateur players. The repetitive movements of the lower limb enhance the strength and improve the functional ability. This exercise also can be used as a part of the lower limb injury rehabilitation. Among all the football players, it is crucial for them to use their lower limbs unilaterally in almost all...
Well, not every cricketer you see has the ability to motor on and drop anchor as the situation calls for. Yet, there are a rare few individuals in the sport who deliver for the team when needed and lay a foundation to a big score. One such is Harleen Deol, the reserved all-rounder of the Indian women’s team. Be...
Our CFO Arshi Yasin caught up with Playo CEO Gauravjeet Singh to talk about the company’s efforts of enabling people rediscover their love for sports.
India's first Olympic finalist in a track event in 32 years, Lalita Babar pens her journey.
The young Indian footballers had just triumphed over Manchester United in the final match of the PL-ISL Next Generation Mumbai Cup 2020, the celebrations would not stop.
Over recent years, marathons have seen tremendous growth in participation across all Indian cities -- from smaller ones to the metros joining in to glorify the marathons’ trend. Most often, running a marathon holds a prime spot on the wishlist for many with the growing consciousness about fitness and good health. Since its inception in 2015, the...
Four years ago, in 2016, India’s sporting heroes came together to lift the patriotic fervour on the special occasion of Republic Day. The video sung beautifully exhorted us to take sports and our sporting heroes more seriously – a plea that needs to be heard and acted upon. They encouraged parents to let children pursue their passion for...
MTB Kerala, an annual event famous for the adrenaline rush it offers and the thrilling experiences, returned with yet another captivating edition for all biking lovers in India. An international mountain bike challenge, the flagship event, organised by the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala under the aegis of Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society (KATPS), has become...

Skateboarding has found its place in Bengaluru

Skateboarding Bengaluruvideo
Considered to be a casual and easy-breezy sport, skateboarding has never been given its fair share of importance as it continues to occupy the status of a 'non-serious' sport. But somewhere amidst the concrete jungle of Bengaluru, skateboarding has cut out a niche place for itself and is bounding up quietly to produce professional skaters who could...
In a bid to transform the state's legendary 400-year-old tradition of Vallam Kali (snake boat races) into a world-class sporting event, the tourism officials in Kerala conceived the idea of the Champions Boat League (CBL), on the model of the Indian Premier League (IPL). The initiative was undertaken keeping in mind the increasing flow...