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TOKYO Olympics
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What is TB Brand Connect?

The country's largest & only media house which focuses on Olympics and lesser known Indian sports. Collaborate with us to make an impact on the sporting world. More than visibility we provide credibility. The Bridge Brand Connect Solutions is a dedicated vertical for brands who want to make their mark in minds of the people who passionately follow Indian Sports.

Why Partner with us?

India's only media house that focuses on Olympic and lesser known sports in India.

Special content formats and unique coverage style.

Our audience engages with the content because of our focussed coverage on Indian Sports

We help brands tell their story in an authentic way and achieve their campaign goals.

We have the best engagement ratio in the sports content category in India

We have the best engagement rates in the sports category in india


Branded Stories created


Sports Fans reached


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Collaborate with us to make and impact on the sporting world

Brands can integrate themselves with our existing content properties like Player's Speak, Sports Market, The Bridge Originals and more. The integration will be executed in the most organic way possible keeping the story in the forefront
In article banners, roadblock, outbound videos and more
Any brand can republish their campaign on our platform to reach a completely new set of audience
Corporates can amplify their CSR initiatives related to sports with us and reach out to a dedicated sports-loving audience
Olympic and Event Timer on the home page gives the brand an opportunity to catch the attention of our audience with a completely unique proposition.