Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Vijay Sharma: The godfather pulling the strings of Indian weightlifting’s resurgence

With Indian weightlifting going through one of its most successful phases, The Bridge reached out to the man who is at the centre of the resurgence - India head coach Vijay Sharma. "I tried a lot of experiments and by...

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Delhi Smog interrupts India Sri Lanka test match

You may have heard about on-field tussles interrupting a crucial international match in almost every sport. Disagreements are then solved usually with the intervention of the referee or other players. Today, however, for the first time it was pollution which stopped the ongoing India-Sri...

Cricket in Kashmir: A dangerous and beautiful game

Back in May this year, a domestic cricket tournament in Kashmir's Pulwama made national headlines after the opening ceremony before the final was streamed live on Facebook. The video that went viral showed the two teams, Shining Star Pampore and Pulwama Tigers, lined up...